Buhari Sowed Discord Among Nigerians, Caused Ethnic, Religious Crisis – Bishop Kukah

Pugnacious Catholic Bishop Matthew Kukah says President Muhammadu Buhari has reversed the gains made by his predecessor in ensuring Nigerians are united and living peacefully with their neighbours.

The vociferous cleric said Buhari has entrenched disunity and nepotism through his clannish and divisive disposition, noting that people of different ethnicity who hitherto lived in harmony are now enmeshed in conflict over differences that could have been otherwise resolved.

Kukah passed the verdict on president Buhari in his Easter message on Sunday.

He averred that Buhari’s preferential treatment for his cronies and kinsmen had engendered the ruination of the nation’s unity, leading to all out ethnic and religious crisis.

Kukah lamented that “years of friendships, cultural exchange, and collaboration built over time have now come under serious pressure from stereotyping.”

Kukah also decried the Buhari’s government handling of the security crisis ravaging the country, he likens the nation to an emergency hospital with full patient occupancy.

Since his assumption of office in2015, separatist agitations have grown in the country, particularly in the south, while the troubled Nnamdi Kanu is leading the charge in the east with his IPOB disciples as cries of marginalisation by Buhari reverbrate across the zone, a now subdued Sunday Igboho took it upon himself to deal with Killer herdsmen in south west, a move that would later culminate into an agitation for a Yoruba nation.