Paridirect Sports Betting And Casino – Betting Site For Nigerians

Africa is primarily known for tourist adventures, exotic locations, natural wonders, and fascinating animals. Online sports betting and casinos are not as widely mentioned. 

Although online gambling has been legal for decades, it is only in recent years that it’s reached its peak and spiking interest among the local population. Nigeria is a well-established betting market on this continent, and many Nigerians are looking for a gaming site in French.

The National Lottery Act of 2005 and the Lagos State Lotteries Law are in charge of handling and regulating the online betting and gambling that has been on the rise in Nigeria. 

New operators are emerging daily thanks to the increased betting interest of the locals. This is where Paridirect comes in!

A New and Fresh Betting Approach

Paridirect is one of the several international companies that has acquired a full license for online gambling. This sportsbook has 2 licenses: one from Congo and the other from the Republic of Chad, which means that it’s available for Nigerian players. Optimizing the business to meet the needs and requirements of the local customers allows the operator to be regarded as a safe gambling option.

This 100% Congolese gambling site is managed by WigWin S.A.R.L.U. and is established following all enforceable laws and regulations in the Republic of Congo. Unlike many offshore companies that might scam Nigerian players out of their money, when it comes to Paridirect, you can rest assured that your data and cash are protected. 

The Paridirect Betting Offer

The Paridirect site is available only in French. So for all Nigerians looking for a French sportsbook among the vast majority of English options, Paridirect stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to browse through everything this provider offers. You can earn comp points which are collected by betting, regardless if it’s a lose or win situation. The promotion section of the site has several excellent bonus options tailored for new players and long-time users. 

For Nigerians looking for a French sportsbook, Paridirect will greet them with a welcome package that comes in the form of a cashback bonus. All you need to do is deposit 1,000 CFA to claim a 150% cash bonus check and place a bet that has greater odds than 4.00. The maximum bonus is 50,000 CFA.

Once you get started, there are other offers on the table to continue your betting journey. You can learn more about them by simply visiting Paridirect betting & casino.

Choose Your Sport

The popularity of betting on local sports is eclipsed by Nigerians desire to place wagers on major European leagues as well as domestic ones. Paridirect offers various betting options that include the most popular sports for betting in Africa, such as football, rugby, horse racing, and cricket. The list doesn’t stop here. Players can choose to place a bet on boxing matches, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, MMA, and more. What differentiates Paridirect is that it also covers not-so-popular sports like pool, darts, ice hockey, cricket, and others. 

To top everything, this online bookmaker has connected itself with the best banking network in the country, allowing for smooth transactions regardless of the chosen banking method. This way, customers get fast payouts and instant processing of deposits.

Paridirect Mobile Betting

If you are not a fan of sitting in front of the computer and wish to enjoy the outdoors, Paridirect offers an excellent mobile site. They offer their players the possibility of mobile betting, meaning you can place your bets from anywhere you have an internet connection.

They have made it as easy as it comes. No downloading and fussing over whether the app works or not. Simply connect to the Paridirect site on your mobile phone and start betting. The site works well on all types of devices – Android or iOS.

Choose Safe Betting

Online gaming in Nigeria rises in popularity with every passing day, especially among the youth. The first online sportsbook in this country opened in 2007 which made the whole process 10x simpler (considering you had to go to the nearest kiosk before).

Paridirect is a legal bookie and casino that allows Nigerians to bet on their favorite type of sports, teams, and leagues – all in French. Even more, it offers bonuses that can boost your initial wager. 

It has firmly set its presence in the Nigerian marketplace, but more importantly, it opened the competitive setting and the possibility for other international sportsbooks to reach out to Nigerians in a legal way, thus creating a safe and controlled environment.


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