Ayade Locks Out Governor’s Office Staff For Lateness To Work

Prof. Ben Ayade, the governor of the state of Cross River, locked out employees of his office in Calabar on Wednesday because they were late for work.

Making the disclosure, Christian Ita, the governor’s spokesperson, claimed that Ayade had consistently emphasized his dislike of lateness and that he had recognized people who are devoted to their jobs.

When Ayade first arrived at the workplace, it was reported that he immediately ordered the register to be opened and that he then directed the top security officer to close the gate to prevent any further late employees.

All tiers of employees, including the highest-ranking members of the state civil service and political appointees, were locked out.

He said if the governor can show up at the office as early as 8 am, the workers in the government house should not have an excuse for coming late.

“The normal resumption time is 8am, and if a governor can be in office at that time, why can’t others be around?,” he said.

“The governor has always shown reward and sanction to workers; he doesn’t hesitate to sanction when you err and also reward you when you are committed to duty.

“Today, the team came back and some workers still came late to work despite the presence of his team yesterday and hence the decision to shut them out,” he stated.