“Even With Your American Passport You Couldn’t Keep A Man” – Actress Nancy Iheme Fires Back At Sandra Iheuwa

Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy has slammed businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa for accusing her of sleeping with her estranged husband, Steve Thompson.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Iheme mocked Sandra for having an America passport and yet still being unable to keep a man.

Telling her to face her frustration and stop looking for who to blame, Iheme noted how she has been friends with Steve, even before he married her. According to Iheme, she and Steve have been together since 2012.

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Iheme advised Sandra to fix her life or better still get a therapist because she is so messed up.

“Even with your America passport you couldn’t keep a man….. Face your frustration and stop looking for whom to blame. Steve has been a friend since 2012, even before the dreamt of knowing you…. Fix your life because, you’re so messed up… You need a therapist.

In another post, Iheme stated that she also has a little bit of cr@ziness in her and as such, can engage in a brawl with her.

“I be werey like you oooo. Naa to match come meet you…. Naaa Lagos all of us dey oooo”.

In her final post, Iheme added that she has given Sandra the clout she is looking for.

“Mother Abraham… I don give you the clout you are looking for.”

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