LP Cheated With Dollars, PDP With N200, APC With Recharge Cards – SDP Flagbearer Alleges Flawed Election

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Adebayo Adewole, has accused the three major political parties in the just-ended presidential and National Assembly election of cheating and vote buying.

During a feature on Arise Television’s The Morning Show on Friday, Adewole alleged that the Labour Party (LP) bought votes with dollars, while the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) also bought votes with N200 cash and recharge cards respectively.

All the political parties, even those alleging rigging after the election, cheated through different means, especially vote-buying, according to the SDP flagbearer.

He disclosed that in his own polling unit in Ondo State, the Labour Party, and PDP cheated and the APC did even more.

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His words: “A victim cannot be blaming other victims. I never said nothing is wrong with the election. Everything is wrong with the election. Anyone who wants to go and challenge the election should do so because everything is wrong with the election,

“But it’s not only what happened that day that was wrong with the election. People (political parties] cheated. Many of those who are complaining now cheated in the election. In the polling unit where I voted, Labour Party cheated, PDP cheated and the APC cheated more because vote buying is cheating.

“APC used recharge cards to cheat, the Labour Party brought dollars and PDP shared money. Why will I not complain? Atiku Abubakar cheated me of my vote in Katsina and Adamawa State, he was buying votes with N200. What I’m saying is that the election is flawed. It’s not an honest process.”