Korra Obidi Reacts To People Mocking Her Over Newly Acquired $1.6m House

Popular Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has reacted to being mocked over her newly purchased home.

This is coming after the singer’s ex-husband and some trolls claimed Korra bought a condominium and not a luxury home.

Infuriated by their statement, the mother of two, in a viral video, chastised the trolls over their comments.

Obidi claimed that she had worked hard to earn her new home, they had no right to disparage her accomplishments.

She said, “Are you Americans making me feel bad for buying a 1.6million dollars house? Are you joking right now?

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“Are you Americans making feels bad for paying 1.6million dollars for an apartment? You must be out of your mind.

“You are saying it’s not a house, it is a condo, are you stupidly joking? This is ridiculous.”