Ogun PDP Requests Live Broadcast Of Tribunal Proceedings

Following the attack on some of its members on Monday, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State says it wants the election tribunal to resolve its petition in the State through a televised means for residents to see.

Information Nigeria had reported that some members of the PDP, including one of its governorship aspirants, Segun Showunmi, were on Monday flogged by some thugs suspected to be members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at Isabo Magistrates Court, Abeokuta, venue of the tribunal sitting.

Showunmi who had told newsmen he was attacked by APC thugs with guns and cudgels, also called for the relocation of the tribunal from Abeokuta to Abuja, so as to prevent further attacks on members of the opposition party.

However, the Chairman of the PDP in Ogun, Sikirulahi Ogundele, at a press conference on Tuesday, said the Party would want the petition to be heard openly and resolved in Ogun State.

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He said if it would be allowed, he wants the proceedings to be aired so as to show the people of Ogun State what really transpired during the election.

“As much as I want to align with Chief Segun Showunmi, moving the tribunal to Abuja is not really going to solve the situation. Truth must be told, let’s caution the persons perpetrating this act. Let’s talk senses to their heads. This should be the last time that criminal act will take place. I believe the police and other security agencies will take up their responsibilities.

“Because if you take it to Abuja, it’s like you are ‘disenfranchising’ the people of Ogun to be part of the proceedings. It’s like you are hiding something.

“If it will be allowed, we want the proceedings to be aired live. I want it to be televised live. It will be very good. People will sit in their homes and see what happened during the election and what the outcome will be. But, they may not allow it because they disallowed it at the presidential election tribunal.

“The good of it is to have the tribunal here in the open to the people of Ogun State,” Ogundele said.