“Play Your Cards Right, Nnamdi Kanu Will Be Freed – Reno Omokri Tells Igbos

Controversial socio-political analyst and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri, has condemned the continued sit-at-home in the South East.

Recall that Simon Ekpa, the self-acclaimed Biafra Prime Minister, had last week issued one week sit-at-home order, forcing Igbo’s in the zone to stay indoors.

Yesterday, Ekpa issued another two-week sit-at-home, arguing that it would make the federal government to release the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Omokri said Kanu would regain his freedom if only the Igbos could play their cards right.

Omokiri also rejected a false narrative that Nigerians hated Igbos, noting that if the narrative was true, people from the geological zone wouldn’t be the most dispersed people in Nigeria.

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“Nigeria loves the Southeast. And that is the reason why people from that geological zone are the most dispersed people in Nigeria. That will not happen if Nigerians hate Igbos. But if you believe you are hated, you will misinterpret every little thing and create misunderstandings that make your belief a self-fulfilling prophecy”, he said.

He further said that: “How can you say Yorubas hate Igbos, and an Igbo man defeated a Yoruba strongman in Lagos? Alaba Market, in Lagos, generates $4 billion annually for Ndi’Igbo. Where else on Earth do Igbo people see that type of revenue? Not even in Onitsha, or Aba. Focus on the facts and not what Radio Biafra is telling you. Radio Biafra is not a news station. It is a propaganda vehicle.

“When Ojukwu married Bianca, it was a Yoruba Shina Peters he invited to perform at the wedding. Dim Ojukwu knew that Yoruba were not his enemies!”

“Play your cards right, and Nnamdi Kanu will be freed. Renounce violence, like the Irish Republican Army did, and convert IPOB into a political party, the way the IRA became Sinn Féin, and democratically seize control of the Southeast, then turn it into a paradise, and other Nigerians will even vote for IPOB party Senators, Governors, and President. Who no like better thing?

“There is more evidence of love for Ndi’Igbo than any signs of hatred. Yet, you are allowing people who are shooting, beating and molesting you, as they enforce a sit-at-home order, to convince you that other Nigerians, who buy from you, employ you, are employed by you, and rent properties to you, hate you”, he stated.