Sheikh Gumi Offers To Join Bandit Negotiation Team

As part of efforts to cub the continuous attacks by terrorists groups in Northern Nigeria, popular Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Gumi has expressed his willingness to be part of negotiation team with bandits.

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According to Gumi in a chat with Trust TV, he expressed this willingness, stating that he is prepared to contribute to the process if asked by President Bola Tinubu.

He added that the need for a comprehensive approach involving scholars, emirs, and university professors to achieve lasting peace in affected regions.

“I don’t have to lead it, but I would volunteer myself to be part of it. It’s not about leadership; it’s about a holistic package that addresses the issue,” he noted.

The scholar also commended the former Zamfara state governor, Senator Sani Yarima’s recent suggestion to negotiate with bandits and grant them amnesty, akin to former Niger Delta militants.

While Sheikh Gumi praised the appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser, he voiced his hopes that Ribadu would not simply be a ceremonial figure.

Addressing the security challenges in the country, the Sheikh highlighted the lack of cooperation among security agencies as a significant roadblock in the fight against insecurity.

Gumi also shared his disappointment over the recent retirement of over 100 Army Generals, lamenting the loss considering the resources invested in their training.

He urged politicians to refrain from politicizing the military and judiciary, acknowledging their crucial roles.