Top 5 Canadian Universities offering Lucrative Scholarships for International Students in 2024

For international students aspiring to pursue their education at world-renowned universities but facing financial constraints, there’s excellent news: fully-funded scholarship opportunities are readily available at some of Canada’s top-tier universities for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Canada stands as one of the most coveted global destinations for students from all corners of the world, as evidenced by the remarkable enrollment of over 621,656 international students within its universities.

Several factors contribute to this impressive statistic, and one of the key drivers is the welcoming and accommodating immigration policies implemented by the Canadian Government. These policies make it easier for international students to study in Canada, offering them an inclusive and supportive environment in which to pursue their educational dreams. In addition to the diverse and high-quality education provided by Canadian universities, these scholarship opportunities further enhance the appeal of studying in this dynamic and culturally rich nation, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking a world-class education.

Even though Canada is a preferred destination for numerous international students, pursuing education or scholarships in the country can be financially demanding. In the 2024 academic session, a report from Statistics Canada reveals that tuition fees for international undergraduate students escalated by a substantial 7.6%. The average annual tuition expenses for international undergraduates reached approximately $29,714 Canadian dollars. Additionally, the cost of living in Canada averaged around $10,000, further adding to the financial burden of international students.

Fortunately, international students have a multitude of funding options available to support their educational pursuits in Canada. One such avenue is the generous fully funded scholarships provided by esteemed Canadian universities. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden on students but also allow them to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to their academic endeavors, unburdened by concerns about funding their studies. With these scholarships, students can channel their energy and focus towards their educational and personal growth, making their Canadian academic experience even more enriching and rewarding.

List of Top 5 Canadian Universities offering Lucrative Scholarships for International Students in 2024

More than 800 scholarships for international students are available at Canadian universities for the upcoming 2024 academic session. Here, we’ve listed a selection of our top recommendations:

University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto stands as Canada’s premier academic institution, boasting a rich legacy of pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable and effecting profound societal change through the innovation and unwavering determination of its faculty, students, alumni, and patrons. Renowned on the global stage, this university is among the foremost research-intensive establishments, uniting brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds and fields to collaborate on addressing the most urgent challenges facing our world. With a thriving international student community, the University of Toronto offers a spectrum of valuable scholarships and financial support opportunities. Among the noteworthy scholarships available, the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships hold a special place.

University of Saskatchewan

Situated in Saskatoon, Canada, and established in 1907, this public research institution is distinguished for its status as one of the nation’s top-ranking universities. This highly regarded institution provides comprehensive academic programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, encompassing a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. Remarkably, the university extends a range of attractive scholarships spanning all its courses, thereby facilitating access to education for international students who might otherwise encounter challenges in financing their academic pursuits.

In particular, there are numerous fully-funded scholarships available for students who meet the specified eligibility criteria. For master’s degree programs at this university, scholarships are valued at $18,000 CAD per year, while doctoral (PhD) scholarships are set at $22,000 annually. These generous scholarship opportunities serve as an essential means of supporting and empowering international students, allowing them to pursue their educational aspirations at this distinguished Canadian institution.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo, recognized as one of Canada’s premier public research universities, holds a distinguished position among the nation’s academic institutions. It boasts a substantial offering of more than 140 international scholarships, accessible to students hailing from various corners of the globe. These scholarships at the university encompass two main categories: course-specific awards and country-specific grants, designed to cater to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral (PhD) students.

These scholarships have the potential to provide substantial financial support, with some reaching values of up to $10,000 CAD. Importantly, many of these scholarships are automatically awarded to students upon their admission to the university, further simplifying the process and reducing the financial barriers for international students. A selection of these scholarships includes:

  • Colonel Hugh Heasley Engineering Scholarships
  • Frank and Janet Hill Scholarship for Women in Math

University of Alberta

This institution ranks within the top 5 Canadian universities and is globally recognized, securing a spot within the top 150 universities worldwide. It boasts an extensive academic portfolio that includes over 200 undergraduate programs and a remarkable 500-plus graduate programs, with 250 distinct specializations and an impressive 300 research areas to explore.

The university’s commitment to academic excellence, coupled with its established reputation, draws students from a remarkable range of over 150 countries around the world. International students who meet the eligibility criteria are privileged with fully funded master’s and doctoral (PhD) scholarships, underscoring the institution’s dedication to making higher education accessible to aspiring scholars from diverse backgrounds.

In a bid to enhance its appeal to international students, the university has recently revised its English proficiency requirements. This alteration now permits international students meeting specific criteria to apply for scholarships without the necessity of taking the IELTS test. The university allocates a substantial sum of over $34 million annually to fund scholarships and provide financial support to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, further bolstering its commitment to facilitating access to quality education for a diverse array of scholars.

Some of the scholarships include:

  • Admission-based scholarships (International Admission Scholarship, Regional Excellence Scholarship, Gold Standard Scholarship).
  • Application-based scholarships (President’s International Distinction Scholarship, International Leader Scholarship, May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship etc.).
  • Transfer Scholarships.

McGill University

Situated in the vibrant city of Montreal, McGill University stands as one of Canada’s most esteemed academic institutions, consistently drawing in a substantial number of international students hailing from over 150 countries annually. Remarkably, it also holds the distinction of having the highest proportion of PhD students among all Canadian research universities, underlining its commitment to advanced research and scholarly pursuits.

McGill University offers an array of scholarships and student aid programs to support both undergraduate and postgraduate students. These initiatives aim to foster inclusivity and provide financial assistance to a diverse student body. Some of the available options include:

  • Frugal Scholar Program
  • Entrance Scholarships
  • McGill Financial Aid
  • Government Aid
  • Work Study program


In conclusion, the top 5 Canadian universities mentioned above stand as beacons of educational excellence and inclusivity, extending their reach to international students by providing a wealth of lucrative scholarship opportunities. These institutions are renowned not only for their academic rigor but also for their commitment to making higher education accessible to deserving students worldwide.

These top-tier Canadian universities combine academic distinction with a commitment to fostering a global community of scholars. Their generous scholarships in 2024 serve as an open door for talented international students to access quality education and embark on a transformative academic journey in Canada.