How ‘Timeless’ Album Healed Me — Davido Reveals

Singer Davido has revealed that he used the recording of his ground breaking album “Timeless” as a therapeutic process.

Recall that Davido released the album on March 31, 2023. It was his first music release since his son Ifeanyi Adeleke’s death on October 31, 2022.

Davido stated in an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1 that he recorded the majority of his songs in his house with his family around him, which provided him with a peaceful environment in which to create.

He said: “I actually recorded most of the album in my house where I live with my wife. At the time, it was really only me, her and her sisters, and I had one of my boys staying with me. It gave me time to really calm down. It was a healing process, because I was happy to be making music. I was excited about it. I felt like an artiste that had just got a record deal.”

Additionally, Davido disclosed that he had to cut out a few of the 28 songs he had originally recorded for the album. He stated that instead of the musical piece being accepted because he had lost his son, he wanted his fans to accept it on the basis of its own merit.

In his further remarks, he mentioned that being on a plane was the best place for him to focus.

He stated the following in regards to his “Are We African Yet” festival, which takes place in Atlanta on November 18:

“I want to give (different artistes) the opportunity to come every year and perform. They actually have fans here but they don’t know. With the Internet, all one has to do is ‘drop’ a song out on TikTok, and it’s gone (goes viral).

“I feel like we have to own our culture. We cannot wait for somebody else to bring the idea. We have to do this ourselves.”

“The vision I have is to create it to be something for the culture, not particularly mine. The first few editions will hold in Atlanta, but we will definitely move it around to places such as Los Angeles and Toronto (Canada).”