Portable Blasts 4th Baby Mama, Ashabi Simple For Not Visiting Him At The Station During Police Ordeal

Portable, a controversial artist, has chastised his fourth baby mama, Ashabi Simple, for failing to visit him at the police station following his incarceration, despite claiming to love him.

It should be noted that Portable had been detained twice in the previous week, first for a debt owed for his G-Wagon and second for allegedly attacking an officer.

In a video posted on his Instagram story section on Sunday, the singer criticised his fourth baby mama, Ashabi Simple, for not standing by him through his ordeal.

According to him, she is always posting him online, singing his praises, and expressing her love for him, but when he needed her, she didn’t show up.

Portable said that she was constantly moving from one set to another shooting movies.

He mentioned that she never visited him at the police station after he was arrested.

The artist urged netizens to prioritise making money before falling in love with anyone.

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He said,

“Make money before you love, no use your love spoil love for me o, I cannot do without Okiki, I love Okiki no come police station the day wey dem carry Okiki, I love Okiki I cannot do without no come police station she dey go out movie dey post movie, what if police didn’t forgive me, she go go marry movie.”