NAPTIP Reveals Alarming Rise In Domestic Violence Against Men

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons has released a data collected by the agency which indicated the number of male victims of sexual and gender-based violence. The agency revealed the number of cases is on a high rise.

This was revealed by the agency’s director general, Fatima Waziri-Aza, at a workshop held in Abuja on Wednesday with funding from the FORD Foundation.

She claimed that incidents of almost physical violence, fathers taking their kids out of the house, and men being ejected from shared housing have occurred.

Assured males who are victims that the law is on their side, Waziri disclosed that in 2023, 15 complaints about similar situations had been file

She noted, “We have also started seeing new trends. In the past, we never used to get complaints from men. But now, we get complaints from men.

“Even though we know that most of these SGBV issues affect women more, but for the fact that men are reporting and are speaking up. It shows us that attitudes that used to be seen as normal in the past, attitude that used to be tolerated, is no longer tolerated.

“I know that for this year, we have received about 15 complaints from men. These complaints border on physical violence from their partner. It also bothers on women isolating fathers from their children and pushing their husbands out of their shared home

“This was something that never happened before. In the past I think, men are taught to be strong and internalise issues, but it is gratifying to see that men are speaking up. So this shows that men and boys also go through these issues. The laws are also there to protect them.”

In addition to discussing tactics and stepping up advocacy efforts towards preventing and addressing the issue, she claimed that the workshop had given stakeholders a chance to better understand one another and the various roles and responsibilities they each play in addressing SGBV (Sexual and Gender Based Violence) issues.

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“For us at NAPTIP, last year alone, we received about 2,400 cases of SGBV in the Federal Capital Territory, and with figures from January to October, we are closely pushing to the level that we saw last year.

“But one thing I can say for sure, most times when I hear people talking about concerns talking about issues of SGBV. We keep talking about this culture of silence, but I can categorically state that the culture of silence is progressively decreasing, and I say that because we see it in the increase in reportage that we receive as an agency,” she concluded.