Why Two-Party System Is Best For Nigeria – Babangida

A former Military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has said that a two-party state is best for the Nigeria’s democracy.

INFORMATION NIGERIA reports that Babangida made this known on Friday while speaking on Channels Television’s Inside Sources with Laolu Akande.

The ex-military leader, who ruled Nigeria between 1985 and 1993, stated that a two-party system would save the country a lot of money and problems associated with a multi-party state.

He added that Nigeria may be heading to a one-party state, saying that the citizens will not allow that to happen.

said: “I have been in a military regime, and the Nigerians I know won’t allow a one-party state. I have been a military man and I know a dictatorship can’t survive in a civil society.

“The Nigerians I know will not allow it; they will talk you out of it. You can say okay, I don’t want and forget about it.

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“Immediately after independence, Nigeria tended to gravitate towards a two-party system. The number of parties formed a coalition to gain power. It happened in the first and second republics. It showed up again in the third republic and the current republic.

“At the time, we believed Nigerians were capable of a two-party system because it saves you a lot of ‘wahala’ and no rancour. You can choose from A or B.”

“One can contest as an independent candidate if the person is strong enough to get supporters.”