Ali Baba Confronts Man Over His Assertions On Importance Of Marrying Virgins

Ali Baba, a Nigerian ace comedian, has confronted a social media user who highlighted the benefits of marrying a virgin.

According to he the Instagram user with the name Kingsley Otis, enumerated, a virgin has no trauma or a troubled history, is more likely to find love, gets to be the first in everything, is less likely to cheat, and is more likely to have a happy marriage.

In response, Ali Baba confronted him with facts and anecdotes about virgin marriages that didn’t end well.

He stated that his friend’s brother married a virgin who stabbed him to death because she believed he was cheating on her.

He disclosed that a man married a virgin and they were unable to bear the fruit of the womb, and that a man went to the village to marry a virgin, only to bring her to the city, where she became pregnant twice for their neighbor’s security.

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He wrote,

“My friend’s brother married a virgin. 2004. She stabbed him to death, in 2006, because she thought he was cheating on her. Let’s be careful with the blanket profiling. May have come. Oh, one guy married a virgin, 22 or 23 years later after no fruit of the womb. The lady he left for the Virgin is in Houston doing Omugwuo. In the last story, a guy went into the village of Arondizogwu, a man goes to the village, marries an 18-year-old virgin, the lady comes to Lagos, 4 years later, her first 2 children belong to the neighbor’s security man”.


Ali Baba schools a man on virginity
Ali Baba schools a man on virginity