There Are Too Many Fake People On Instagram – IG Celebrity, Wofai


With almost 200k followers on Instagram, fast rising Nigerian comedienne, Wofai Ewa considers herself an Instagram celebrity.

The beautiful and super funny Wofai had a chat with INFORMATION NIGERIA where she revealed what has brought her so much fame on Instagram.


She revealed in details what has endeared her to Instagram users. In her words, she said; “I think People follow me because they say I am real and I’m actually very real. I am not a play girl. It is actually rare to find people that are actually real now, especially in Lagos. I am the kind of girl who goes to the village, break firewood, go to the stream and I will put online for people to know that this is fun. It is not just about fixing your hair and making your hair, making up and…”

Wofai explained further that her posts on Instagram “takes them (her followers) back to maybe where they are coming from”.

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