“Take Your First Salary To Your Father For Blessings, Not To Your Pastor” – Kanayo O Kanayo Asserts

Kanayo O. Kanayo a Nollywood Veteran has contended that a son’s first income should go to the father in accordance with culture, rather than pastors.

The actor expressed his opinion, using his son as a real example to back up his claim.

Recall that just a few days prior, the actor announced that his son Clinton Onyeze had joined him as an intern on set.

Clinton was paid N50,000 after completing his first movie production with his father.

He requested N500 from the salary his son earned and then prayed for him to succeed in the industry.

However, he disclosed that the amount of money a parent may receive from their children varies depending on the individual.

Particularly in the context of Igbo culture, the seasoned actor noted that this is the more appropriate course of action.

In the video shared on Kanayo’s Instagram account on Thursday,

He said,

“I want to observe a culture from our ancestors which has led to the progress of many people you see today, ”Father blessing.’

“Clinton my son just concluded a few production management with us and he has earned his first salary, his first salary is N50,000 for a movie.

“Clinton from your pocket in the N50,000 give me N500.

“The first salary of a young man, he goes to his father to say Nnayi my salary is N50,000, the father may decide to take the entire money, he may also decide to take any amount and his father will now bless him.

“The idea of his father asking him to know the salary is, so his father would teach him financial management.

“All you going to pastors to give your salary, you are wasting your time, is not part of our culture.”

Captioning the video, He confronted a pastor who claimed the first salaries of the year belonged to him; he asked if he had ever considered how the individual would feed and transport themselves for the month.

Challenging him, he inquired as to where in the Bible it was said that individuals bring their first salary of the year to their pastor.

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He urged Christians to wake up since such behaviour is contrary to Christianity.

He wrote,

“Do not give your first Salary to your Pastor. After God, you have me, NOT YOUR PASTOR ”.

These people suffered for you, took care of you and sponsored you to reach where you are. If you make your first money, return to them to bless it, not your pastor”.

“Take your first SALARY to your father for his blessings, NOT TO YOUR PASTOR.
And to that Pastor who said it belongs to him in a video in January, did you ever consider the feeding/ transportation to and fro the office? CHRISTIANS WAKE UP, This is not Christianity.”