From The week long ASUU strike which began on tuesday 23 June 2009 may some come to a close as the federal government of nigeria accepts three of ASUU’s four demands.
The Federal Government after a meeting with ASUU officials acceded to the following requests made by ASUU.
1. ASUU’s demand of 70 years retirement age for all academic staff of nigerian universities.
2. ASUU’s demand of full autonomy for all nigerian universities.
3. ASUU’s demand of increase in funding to all nigerian universities.
The fourth demand which hasn’t been agreed to by the government was the 109% increase in salary. Well we can only watch and see what happens. To get more asuu strike updates click here, to join in the ASUU strike discussion click here


  1. I so much believe in what the association is asking for. The FG HAS so much and therefore should heed to the demands of this association. Although this strike is affecting me as a second year student of the university of Nigeria, i still believe it is for the greater good. I personaly will love to give back to my country as an educationist or lecturer but the educational sector is not lucrative at all. The FG Has to also understand that the association is also fighting for both the wellfare of students and to stem brain drain… I dont mind if this strike is goin to take long, all i know is that it is for the BEST

  2. Asuu should consider the fact that the federal government has tried in responding to 3 of their demands,i think they should try to decrease the 109% in salaries.Some of us are to write our post ume exams but due to this strike we don't even know when the date is coming up,please just call it off for the sake of us writing the exams.

  3. i think ASUU is taking too far the strike is really affecting everybody and even those going out of school this year it is really affecting everybody including MR PRESIDENT so something has to be done before it gets out of hand.

  4. The demands made by ASUU are quite resonable, ASUU is not asking for a 109% increase in their salary as claimed by the federal Government but asking that they should be paid what their counterparts in other countries that are not even oil producing nations in Africa are been paid. Does that say how very fair the Federal Government has been? Asking that their should be an increase in funding our universities is also a good cause which should be pursued. The state of the Universities, the quality of the lectures been delivered, the state of the laboratories and equipments be it medical,technical or electrical, the lecture halls, accomodation for students, basic amenities such as 24/7 light and standby generators, water, recreation centers, libaries etc in the school dont exist and later we say that we have "graduates". The students are being affected and the academic year messed up but if FG will grant their demands tell me is it not a fight that is justified and you as students will end up better for it. FG should be ashamed of themselves that they are even negotiating with those demands. Tell where are the kids of these FG officials? Abroad studying under better conditions.The autonomy of the universities will also give them a leverage to a point but 100% autonomy should not be granted as the universities are still FG properties and this might cause very big time issues to fees bein charged the students. ASUU dont give up until your demands are met so as to secure the future and quality of education in this our blessed country Nigeria

  5. Please FG help me to know, why must ASUU go back to class room before you resume negotiation? I think this is deceit in disguise. please stop playing around with the nigerian youths before you start giving us names.I Think we are all sick and tired of the dance.

  6. The demands is to save our dying education sector. I am a final year student in a premier university so am not taking side with ASUU because I am worst hit but the fact the remains that our FG are deceivers and gradually collapsong our education sector. Most of their wards studied abroad with ease, hence they care not about ordinary citizens. ASUU is trying to save ordinary Nigerians future, please stop castigationg them rather talk sense into our irresponsible FG

  7. Why will FG waste dr time when there are many ppl out there looking for lecturing job with there good qualifications! All lecturers shld be saked if the will not go back to class they can’t be playing with our futures! No way! Dis most END !