9ice and Wife, Toni, Separate

HIP hop star, 9ice and his beautiful wife Toni Payne; with whom he tied the knots last year; are separating.

The couple have agreed to separate for a while, although they will continue to remain good friends and business partners, a source said.

A source close to the family said their baby Zion will reside with Toni for now. “This is a very very tough decision for the couple, and it”s a tough, even trying time for the young partnership we all admire so much. And they’re even the more constrained to make this announcement; knowing it will shatter many of their fans, and admirers inside and outside the country.

But they have both agreed to be responsible about the development, and make public what is necessary, to avoid unnecessary speculations, and rumours.

“And it is their wish that we all respect their privacy at this period. For now, neither 9ice nor Toni will be granting any press interviews on this matter,” the source said.

That 9ice has grown from an upcoming singer-performer, to become one of Africa”s most promising exports, is not just as a result of his talent, hard work and can-do spirit; but because the media in Nigeria (print, broadcast and online) have been extremely kind to him and his music.
SOURCE: vanguardngr.com


  1. OH! what a pity?9nice is one of the star musician that i cherich his life style who got married as soon as he became a star.Pls i want to implore the couple to come together again as one so as to let the devil be ashamed.May God help u out ( Amin).

  2. this couples does not deserve this! eyin agba ewa kan se si!please elders dont let this happen between this couples becuase of they are still young for that it can even affect the life of their children!inshallah GOD WILL WATCH AWAY THEIR FIGHT…And give them happy home(AMEN).

  3. from the first day i found out they were getting married i knew the marriage wouldn’t last. I don’t mean to sound cynical but how could it when the woman resides abroad leaving our dear nice to fall easy prey to our naija girls.

  4. 9Nice, is a Big Disgraces to Nigerian Musicians. Because ur wife is Cheating on u that is why u have to let her go. For me u don’t Love her, is because of the Money she has n she was blind folded n she loves u. In d First Place before u got married to her, dont u know that she is Runs girl b4, now she is married n she doing it, n u are telling her Bye Bye. For me wen u guys were in Relationship that is d best time for u to tell are d Truth n she will keep 2 her promise. Do u want to tell me that she is the only Lady that u have been Sleeping with since u Guys got married? All i have to say to u is that u are a Role Model to many Nigerians in the world n see what u have done, Hope u know that people are watching u.

  5. A friend of mine whispered to me that both of you are acting the break-up.I believed it because I of the love I have for 9ice.I watched some clips of the wedding that he used in one of his tracks.I really love it.I can remember seeing some top artists prostrating during the event.Make us believe that you are using this saga to sell your album and if possible release another one telling us the ‘MIS-UNDERSTANDING IS OVER’.HOW I WISH YOU GUYS ARE ACTING THIS BREAK-UP.PLEASE ALAPOMEJI RELEASE ANOTHER HIT AFTER THE STORM THAT NO BE MISTAKE THAT YOU GOT MARRIED TO HER.NO BE MISTAKE THAT YOU SCORE I GOAL.NO BE MISTAKE THAT YOUR RECORD IS SELLING LIKE POP-CORN.NO BE MISTAKE THAT YOU BOTH RECONCILED