Senate today confirmed the nomination of former Minister of Information and Communication, Prof. Dora Akunyili as a minister.

Akunyili‘s screening on Monday caused uproar on the floor of the Senate when a senator from Kastina State, Kanti Bello,aggressively accused her of exhibiting divisive tendencies shortly before the return of President Umaru Yar‘Adua from Saudi Arabia.

Bello‘s outburst divided the Senate into pro and anti-Akunyili, hence the uproar.

The uproar did not abate while Akunyili was answering the questions until the situation was saved by the Senate President, David Mark, who asked Akunyili to take a bow.

Since then, there had been speculations that Akunyili might not scale the screening excersise.However, the Senate this afternoon confirmed her nomination but that was not without few voices of dissent, as few members said ‘Nay‘ during a voice vote.

The Senate, through a voice vote, confirmed the nomination of all the 38 people it had (including Akunyili) so far screened.


  1. Who is the bager 2hate an inocent woman,wit great integrity and dignity.she is expected to be the [Inec chair…]not even a miniter,if posible de first female presi…d…she is dischargin her duties very,well,tested,trusted,and trustworlthy human being,go on mma!i’m at ur back.

  2. I always pray she gets back to seat, because she is discharging her duties perfectly.
    Kudos to her…if she can be the first female President I’ll be so happy cos she brought sanity into the country.