AAU student commits suicide over carry-over courses

Confusion reigned at Etinosasere Street, Ugbiyoko quarters in the Edo State capital, Benin, on Thursday after a final year student of Accounting at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Mr. Benjamin Oghayerio, was found hanging in his room.

He had reportedly committed suicide over alleged carry-over courses. Although details of the suicide were still sketchy at press-time, it was learnt that residents of House 17 on the street woke up in the morning to discover Benjamin’s lifeless body dangling from the burglar-proof bars in his room. The incident threw the neighbourhood into mourning.

The dead student’s elder sister, Mrs. Rosaline Ogbemudia, said that Benjamin had packed his luggage preparatory to returning to school. Ogbemudia said the last time she saw him was around 3am on Thursday when she left him in the living room, where he slept because of heat in his room resulting from power outage.

Ogbemudia said that at dawn, she asked her daughter to tell Benjamin that it was time to wash the family car.

She said, “I asked them to inform him that it was already five minutes to seven; that he should come and wash the car so that I could drop him off and face the business I had for the day. The next thing I heard was a scream from the little girl that I should come and see foam in Benjamin’s mouth.”

The cause of death was not immediately known but a suicide note left behind by Benjamin indicated that frustration at having carry-overs in school, family crisis and his membership of a secret cult led him to take his life.

Source: Punch Newspaper- punchng.com


  1. this indeed is sad. what can make a finalist to commit suicide just like that.
    use this to advice Nigerian student to be studios face your studies squarely and concentrate on what you went to school to do.
    Do not join cultism. And the govt should look into the matter. they should try and curb or eliminate cultism in that school so that student can be freed.

  2. this is a very touching story, it goes to tell Nigerians cultism isn’t anyway helpful, the downfall of a man is definitely not the end of his life. I dont think he did the best thing by ending his own life because, God knows whats best for him. so fellow Nigerians i hope we learn from the story of this young man and be the best we could be. SAY NO TO CULTISM!!

  3. Very Sad, too many carryovers ….its a practice. This goes to every student, please endeavor to read your books, even if the lecturers will not lecture but keep bombarding you with topics to read, please use the library, AAU has a standard library ,do your researches, don’t read merely to pass your Exams, read believing that after school you will be a professional in your field, SHUN all vices, dare to be different, give your life a meaning… See your self as the one man needed to profer solutions to all the corrupt practices that has eaten through the pores of our healthy society.. YOU CAN MAKE IT IN LIFE AS I HAVE MADE IT. Cheers