Nigerian Scientists Develop Fuelless Generator

A team of Nigerian scientists has developed a generator, which does not use fuel and made with almost 100 per cent locally sourced materials.

The device, known as “Fuel-less Electricity Generator,” was demonstrated at a one- day workshop in Osogbo on Saturday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the workshop was organised by M-K Technology Nig. Ltd, Ibadan. nike max breathe free ii
One of the organisers of the workshop, Akinyefa Ajibola, a computer scientist, said he and other scientists developed the machine.

He said there had been some efforts in the past to develop the machine but the team only had a breakthrough in December 2009.

According to him, it is a feat by the scientists aimed at tackling the problem of electricity supply in the country.

Ajibola called for a positive response from the government to enhance the mass production of the machine.

“Unlike the existing electricity generating sets the device has no side effects. It does not fume and is noiseless.

“It can also be used 24 hours non-stop, using dry cell batteries but it needs some rest once in a while to enhance its lifespan,” he said.

On the marketing, Ajibola said the company would need some capital to enable it to begin standard packaging of the product for public use.

“We don’t sell the product now, we only train people to do it themselves but we may manufacture it for commercial purposes if the capital is there,” he said.

Two participants at the workshop, Messrs Babatope Lawal and Adeyemi Olu, lauded the initiative and advised the government to encourage the scientists.
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  1. It’s becoming clear that only Nigerians understand & can be able to solve Nigerian problems. All we should do now is to pray and hope that such intelligent discoveries should not be put to jeopardy by wicked, evil-minded, egoistic sinisters and their stooges who call themselves leaders.

  2. from my view, we should not only wait for government to support, cos so many discoveries had gone down the drain, waiting and waiting for this “bad belly” leaders. Our good people of Nigerian should Support their own either by donation or any other sources. it will realy help. b4 oyinbo come carry them go as we dey hear. i support u Babagana

  3. i really don’t understand these guys (or maybe its just the journalists poor reporting skills). if this “generator” is fuel-less and noiseless, how does it energize itself and how does it store energy, does it use batteries, solar, etc?
    i am not saying they should reveal their “secret formula” but just enough for private investors who want to help them to get interested, and why wasn’t the demonstration captured on film…total B.S, hey, i just invented a fuel-less and noiseless car that can drive from Lagos to London non-stop, I had a demonstration in my village to show people how it drives but i forgot to record.
    btw, didn’t a “scientist” “invent” a made in naija car a couple of years back till everyone realized he was just copying and pasting parts from peugeot, mazda, etc.

    u guys need to ask questions menn, don’t just follow stories like blind mice

  4. It is a good and welcome development in Nigeria. I have interest in Ajibola’s scientific discovery. Thompson Ola has said it all. But the disgruntled elements at all levels of governance would never let it work in this Country. Please, let us encourage ourselves don’t expect government or their officials. They would kill the idea. I implore Ajibola likes to continue their researches and make them viable and useful to our immediate society. Thanks!

  5. I am tired of hearing all these lies, some so-called scientists just copy stuffs from the internet and be fooling around that they invented something. They cannot provide you with circuit diagrams or any other technical or scientific explanation used in building up their generator, they cannot tell you why things are made the way they are or how things behave and why things behave the way, they do.

    I advice M-K technology Nigeria Ltd., Ibadan, to truly check on what this scientist are saying, so as not to be messing around with BIG technology companies idea or creation, they may get bankrupt when this company realizes.

    In addition, for the journalists, it will be better for them if they will be consulting REAL scientist and professionals (to tell them what is needed for such technology to be efficient, what will easily affect the machines, problems that will be encountered by their users, e.t.c.) before visiting such workshop, so that good information will reach their listeners.

  6. Pls let the guys get their intellectual property right before they sell their ideas.
    It is not an impossibility but let the press take more interest in this guy and probably help him. A new era is here, let the new revolutions start in Nigeria. It is Africa’s turn to shine.

  7. i belief noting is impossible, i m very sure and their are many ways to design such tin,when we think and research every time,we will discover different things in life.lets 4get about government and start wit our creativity. i discovered dis fuel-less/self powered generator about 8years ago during d series of practical experiments wit H-BRIDGE INVERTER/wind electricity..their are many simple way to build it.. 4more info.CALL+2348037623166,+2347027957614. Email;[email protected]

  8. nice piece of work,government does not react quickly when it comes to empowering their own citizens instead they will look for means of releasing one tenth of the money while the rest remain for their empty heads.guys enlighten me on the charging system and the possibility of building higher power ratings like 100kva.carry on.

  9. Good day to you all Nigerians who rearly love good things,we have good people in this Country who can take us far in term of TECHNOLOGY,what killed Nigeria is our leaders,because they want every good things in the society to be done by their sons,close relations and mostly their ocultic members,if some one did fall to the catigory above nothing 4 you.

    I designed FUEL-LESS ELECTRIC GENERATOR,like three years ago when i was doing my one year service to the nation (NYSC),i tried all i could to make Nigerians know of using it as my COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (C D S),but Nigeria politics dont allow me,which started from H.O.D of my P.P.A,L.G.I,Z.D.I ,LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMAN,to the NYSC STATE CO-ODINATOR.
    My main hobby is circuit designing and construction,which my initial dream was to stay on my own doing designig,my designing based on what ever you told me,i so much believed that with electronics all things is posible,Remember bible said my people are dying bec of lack of knowledge,so you can achieve many things if the one that have not be done by the foreigners,by knowing the law of the nature (chemistry,physcis and other science courses into practics) rather we see doing science as fulfilng alrighteous-ness .
    I went to Nigeria Federal Research Institute to repair their Electronic gate,that stop working without long sevice,it was thesame politics and wlckedness of those on Top.
    my dear sciences is purely truth is not a mere story,if need to design these: solar electric,fuel-less electric gen,inverters,toll gate car counter,electronics bill board,automatic electronic traffic controllers,and other robotic systems: call EBENDU On 070 62175756,or email at [email protected] you are science incline i can coach you.thanks

  10. This is impressive.Really impressive.Nigerians are a set of brilliant people. If only we would co-operate to build this nation.
    I will love to see the machine myself, maybe online and see what it can really do. I would also love some specifications like: size, time-limit,etc.
    I may be a small boy, but I love my Nigeria a lot. Come around my site some time.
    Will talk to you soon Mr. Ebendu.