Yerima’s 13 Year Old Wife And His Other Headaches

It is no longer news that Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima the former governor of Zamfara state recently got married to a 13 year old child.  This was of course after paying 100,000 dollars in exchange for the child, then flying her in through Niger because he couldn’t arrange an Egypt to Nigeria visa for her.

Yerima, 49 was the initiator of shariah law in Nigeria during his time as the governor of Zamfara state. He had to divorce one of his wives before he could take the 13 year old child as his fourth wife.

All this clearly shows that senator Yerima has made himself open to charges of child trafficking as well as breaching the childs basic human rights.

Clearly the marriage was a forced marriage as the child had no say in it since she is still a minor and is not able to consent to marriage, since by Nigeria’s laws children below the age of 18 are minors and are not able to consent to marriage.

Also this is not the first time such has happened, there was a case when he got married to a 15 year old girl who had to drop out from school in JSS3 only to divorce her at the age of 17 while she was nursing his child.

It is clear that something should be done, if this issue is looked at from a moralist point of view, Yerima should not get married to a child young enought to be his granddaughter.

Meanwhile certain civil rights movements have been calling for the government to take action and the senate is already investigating the issue.

The National Council of Women Societies has also disclosed their readiness to come and protest the union. Also The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has assked the British government to revoke the visa issued to Sani Yerima and to include his name on the no fly list to the UK.


  1. Dats vry bad sha. Bt 2 b sincere nd nd realistic, i wudnt rele blame d parents, may b dey r so poor nd deir daughta is d only 1 2 bring dem out of dat predicament. Bt com 2 tink of it, som many ppl wud kil 2 be d wife or inlaw 2 a governor nt 2 tok of wen it is ofered on a plata of gold.

  2. This is oviously an ovious case of insanity in sanity by a senator at the federal level, but I also think this is a slave trade of an african buying an african, wonder which is cheaper between that of centuries ago and that of this present time.

  3. He is a pedophilla.dt man should neva left unpunished even d parents of the girl too.dt is a child abuse.ok look at his case wit d girl dt she married at 15 and chased her out @17,he just want the girl to ve dt he wil chase her out too.infanct he derieves joy in destroying young children.GOD can neva leave him unpunished.

  4. This is a humiliation of the entire women folk. Mother’s all over the world must cry out. Imagine u gave birth to this girl 13 yrs ago & now she’s in js 1, 2 or 3, Probably in her early stages of puberty, wt little or no breast, infact a mere baby……… Think abt it, how many of yerima’s daughters hv married at such age? He must be punished severely. I think life imprisonment would be ideal so our babies will be safe.

  5. That very bad. If a SENATOR of Federal Republic of Nigeria can do that UNGODLY act. . . Then if this is scot free, it’s tarnishing our image of ” Nigeria Good people great nation” to my MUSLIM BROTHERS Is that ACT legal by islam ? I Recommend that Yerima Should be: 1. Impech in senate 2. Disqualify from contesting any Election. 3. Tried in the court of law and send in prison for life. So that it can serve as a lesson for those who may be intending to do same.

  6. ***Speechless***

    prayer 4 my nation”Nigeria”

    God our father, look upon us with love. You redeem us and make us your children in christ. Give us true freedom and bring us to the inheritance you promised. Amen.

  7. This man is obviously a disgrace to manhoodas wellas Nigeria. I belive his habit of marrying children is more than the eyes can comprehend. In my opinion,such animals shouldnt be in a place of authority.

  8. I really think this guys a ritualist and needs the innocence of a virgin to extend his lifespan on earth cos thats the only reason i think anyone would pay so much.
    On the other hand its a blessing in disguise cos hes just strolled into the waiting arms of farida.EFCC watchout for yerima!

  9. Let the responsible authorities take the case serious cos. If he is left unpunished cos of his rank or position in the society,it means it’s only d poor & helpless masses dat are punished for crimes they commit in dis country. Is there still any need for re-branding campaign in Nigeria? Since our leaders whom are supposed to lead by example are not yet re-branded. No need for d slogan ‘good people,great nation”. In all these am referring to d leaders who will never look forward to good things happen in this great nation. Thanks, though I might have offended the evil minded ones.

  10. This is insanity of the highest order. It is barbarrick and quite unpleasnt to hearings. Did Mohammed teach them to be so ‘woman flambouyant’ why can’t he control hisappetite for s.e.x. Save Nigeria from these mess.
    God bless Nigeria!

  11. Afolabi lukman (a.k.a prof.Afoo) 4rm osun, pls i wt 2 kn d cut-off marks 4 social sciences\adminstration in abu 4 2010\2011 utme, also mybe 2nd choice is allowed & p utme da8 if it's ril dat p utme 'll happened? Tell me more on dis no 0703182012370304 Afolabi lukman (a.k.a prof.Afoo) 4rm osun, pls i wt 2 kn d cut-off marks 4 social sciences\adminstration in abu 4 2010\2011 utme, also mybe 2nd choice is allowed & p utme da8 if it's ril dat p utme 'll happened? Tell me more on dis no 0703182012370304

    Y should a 49 yrs old got married wit a 13 yrs old girl? Hillarious, pls ask mr sena8 ahmed yarima where it is written in d holy Qu’ran to marry un matured one if he is unable to provide d ans den he mst b prosicuted a gra8 shame 2 d nation a law makers voila8tin d law also wit d look of eyes d girl’s parent mst b delt wit 4 allowing nonsense.

  12. he is only following the islamic injunction. i guess the nigerian senate have more important issues to look at than trying to interfare with d islamic injunction which will not be good 4 d country right now.if it is wrong with u then dont.but leave d one who feels he can do it

  13. 1stly, 2 Beejay or wateva they named u, hop u r nt reasnabl enof 2 knw wat 2 & nt say in publik. Pity enof 4 u 2 open ur bad bigest mouth 2 call our noble prophet lyk dat. U r a fool, unreasnabl,Who askd u 2 tok wen dont have mana. Ur english self is iritatin pls, which sch r u self, anyway I wld refa u bak 2 comprehensiv eng text book & knw hw 2 express ur opinion in gud mana. Or u can reach me on dis adress 4 proper tutorial.

  14. Wat a shame 2 behold; If a senator can potray dis as example, wat den wud a citizen do. It a shame 2 womanhood, havin my own opinion abt d parents, i tink dey lacked fund in takin gud care of dat child. But it also a shame 2 such a parent 4 condescendin so low, 2 d extent of sellin deir child 4 money.

  15. Going by the fact that this man put in place sharia law that made a case that a small boy’s hand be cut becos he stone food or bread to ensure he discontinue from such an act. Now applying his rule of law to his case so that he can discontinue. i wish his manhood be cut in order to put an end to this shameful act. If not he will do the third one in descending order. 15 to 13 next will be 11 soon to 9 etc.
    i am seriously disgusted at this wicked man.

    NB: Sanusi Abdullah .O; you won’t blame Beejay if not for this shamless man that is dragging everyone including our dear prophet to insult such words won’t have come out. anyway this is why his (Yerima) manhood must be remove to clean all of us from such insult.