MEND Threatens New Attack

The Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) today warned of another attack in Abuja, largely to protest the trial of Henry Okah in South Africa and what it said is the persecution Of ‘innocent people’ in Nigeria.

In a statement sent by its usual spokeman, Jomo Gbomo, the group said it will “give a thirty minutes advance warning to avoid civilian casualties then sit back and watch how the blame game will be played out on all those already falsely accused.”

The group, which also claimed the bomb attack (which it described as a perfect opportunity) in Abuja on the morning of the October 1, said President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential bid has been been brought above every other thing and that the federal government is involved in an “attempt to intimidate anyone opposed to the presidential ambition of Goodluck Jonathan.”

Describing it as “hiding under the cloak of terrorist hunting and witch-hunting, by falsely accusing and harassing its perceived opponents,” the group repeated an earlier claim that linking Raymond Dokpesi and Henry Okah in South Africa is a product of the Nigerian government threat to nationalize the South Africa communication group, MTN if South Africa does not follow its script.

NEXT’s efforts to trace the origin of the email shows that although the Yahoo internet server through which it was routed is located in Spain, the person who sent the email did so from a Zoom Mobile modem here in Lagos.



  1. i dont believe this story you people are brocasting about, please lets get things straight and stop the rumors. this is similar to the late yaradua story b4 he finally die. DID YOU MEAN THAT MEND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 10,1 BOMB BLAST?