Scholarships For Nigerians: Google Scholarship for Women in Computing Anita Borg Scholarship

Google Scholarship for Women in Computing Anita Borg Scholarship

Women constitute about half of the world’s population. But traditionally women have been disadvantaged. Goal 3 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to ”Promote gender equality and empower women” – the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.

The computing world is no exception. More women need to come into all areas of computing – work, research, education, etc. In fact there is a digital gender gap. . women have less access to ICTs than men and the percentage of women working and involved as scientists, professionals and decision makers in the high value of areas of ICT is quite low compared to men. Over the years as awareness has grown there has been improvements in some areas but overall the numbers are really insignificant.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Google the Internet search engine giant that has benefited immensely from online computing applications has decided to institute the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship to encourage women in computing. Though the overall picture of Google in terms of development and growth of e-business globally especially with regards to developing nations is debatable. Is it helping? A bully? Or another proprietary lock-in monster or a growth enabler? Your perspective of Google will depend on what you see and interactions you have had, positive and negative. Google is certainly not the “innocent” one, but this move by Google is certainly commendable. It is hoped that this is genuineand not just another smart commercial “undercover” move playing to the social responsibility gallery.

Google has made so much money from the Internet world and it is morally right that it gives back to society. Because of the impact of women in society, promoting and encouraging women in computing is a worthy cause. Interestingly the scholarship is announced by Google as the 2011 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. According to the release from Google the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship was established by Google in 2004 to honour Dr. Anita Borg, a computer science pioneer. She founded the Institute for Women and Technology and is said to have dedicated her life to changing the way the world thinks about diversity and technology.

Are you qualified?

Interested in the scholarship award?

Be a female student enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme (or equivalent) in 2011/2012.
Be enrolled at a University in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. Citizens, permanent residents, and international students are eligible to apply.
Be studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or a closely related technical field.
Maintain an excellent academic record (e.g. a First Class Honours degree).

In addition to the award of scholarships to successful recipients, scholarship finalists and recipients are also invited to visit Google’s Engineering Centre in Zurich for an all-expenses-paid retreat as part of the scholarship award activities.

Kudos to Google

Google owes most of its success to services it offers to a global audience. It must be said that while the jury is really not yet out on the real impact and purpose of Google, the giant must be commended for supporting a good cause. For once Google is not just selfish but is supporting a good cause. The award should not be tokenist and it’s important to improve spread and impact of the award in Africa.

While the commercial world is quite competitive, and even sometimes brutish, it is hoped that this is a sign that Google would continue to adopt this same humane approach in its other activities. And that just as it pursues its corporate objectives it should still do more to aid development and help the less fortunate.

Applying for the Scholarship

The deadline for applications is 1st February 2011.

For more information visit the about Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, please visit the scholarship site.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Site