Boko Haram Ambushes Soldiers in Borno

A fierce gun battle raged at Gwange area of Maiduguri on Sunday night when gunmen suspected to be members of the Yusufiyya Movement, popularly called Boko Haram, ambushed a military patrol team.

The soldiers were on routine surveillance around 8pm on Sunday evening when the gunmen reportedly ambushed them and a gun battle erupted, which raged for a while. Witnesses said many people, including soldiers and innocent by standers, are believed to have died in the battle.

Spokesman of the military command in Borno State Lieutenant Abdullahi Muhammad, who spoke to newsmen yesterday, confirmed that there was a clash between soldiers and the gunmen, a development which prompted the cordoning off of the area and the arrest of many people in Gwange, Budun, Galadima junction, London Ciki and other red spots in the Borno State capital.

Muhammad did not however confirm the number of people that died or sustained injuries during the attack. “Yes, the gunmen had actually ambushed a convoy of our operatives which resulted in exchange of gunshots. I cannot talk to you about dead now or the people that sustained injuries but we have arrested many people who are being investigated now. As I am talking to you now, our superiors are in a meeting and we would give you details later,” the army spokesman said.

Reporters who visited the 21 Armoured Brigade in Maiduguri yesterday saw over 150 people who were arrested during a raid by the military shortly after the duel with the gunmen. “We are sieving them to ascertain the culpability or otherwise. Those that were not found suspicious would be released. I want to appeal to the people to cooperate with us,” the army spokesman also said.

Meanwhile, residents of the city of Maiduguri are expressing dismay over the new security measures introduced by the Joint Task Force (JTF) which entails ransacking of houses and arresting the occupants without warrant as well as directing people including women and the elderly to raise their hands up for complete searching.

“The manner they (JTF) are approaching the issue is unacceptable. How can a male soldier or policeman compel a married woman to remove her hijab on the main road on the pretence that she is being searched?” Halima Musa, a mother of six complained.

She said the JTF members are crossing boundaries. “They touch everywhere in our body….what manner of work is this?” She suggested that female policemen and female soldiers should be deployed to the roads to investigate female civilians.
Source: Dailytrust Newspaper


  1. i see no reason for killing these peaple becouse they are fighting for they right. We
    muslims now we all know that nigerian government are know fight agains islam. becouse there is no cautation in any constitution that said you should kill
    Expected withought cout
    permite. In this present generation i want government to know that what ever you are planing allah’s knows and allah will never let you survive as you are think. An i want imporm you that we tired not only Borno’s peaple i mean nigerians, we should not sitdown fold our hands an watch these bastard to kill use, we are civiliance we have a right to to talk, if you did not change, we better death all than to watch such injustice,trabalisime,madness. Dont ever think gun will make use fey or surrounder, never for ever that time has alredy pass. And time will come what should be should gonna be. No ret. No sur.

  2. @ Suleimon….. Suleimon is a disgrace to the Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam encourage us to seek for knowledge, not only Islamic knowledge but all knowledge. It’s quite unfortunate that we’re having sect like Boko Haram claiming to be Muslims. I strongly believe that this people need good education. They need to understand that Islam without good knowledge of it is a complete failure both in earth and the hereafter. Please, the Northerners, enough of religious violence. Islam does preaches violence, so settle dispute with peace.

  3. I strongly believe that 1 day everything will be fine with all nigerians but the manner at which the army forces(soldiers) go about their investigation about the boko haram is going beyond expectation to the essence of stricking people houses and beating the men in front of their families please the state govt should do something about it…….MAY ALLAH SEE US THROUGH

  4. whoeva says islam is shame nids c a shrink or he doesnt know a damn about wat islam is all about..i bet he doesnt even hav a religion.@suleiman u nid 2 bear in mind dat islam is peace.if u tink wat is been practiced by som deviants is jihad then let me tel u dat according 2 d prophet Mohammed SAW..D greatest jihad is that of an individual against himself or haself..if u tink u war is d only defence against offence i sugest u go 2 sudan and burn 2 hell

  5. My fellow nigerians,it is a pity dat at this age suleiman carries such mentality. But we should also know that not only him but thousands in this country thnk the same way. They have been brain washed that western education is blinding, as a result such people cnt thnk wats gud 4 themselves, they readily succum 2 d deadly advices of their deluders. 2 me it is 1 of the major reasons y d north is refusing 2 develope n this affects in a way nigeria’s development. My advice as a nigerian is we shld make all neccessary effort 2 make them see the light. May God bless NIGERIA!

  6. He who says Islam is a shame needs to be educated like Suleimon. Or better still, should be taken to the Clinical psychologist to test for any schizophrenic symptoms. In this new age of ours, some set of people still condemn one religion for the others. Boko haram sects need proper education on their delusive believe.

  7. Hmmm…………… I’m highly disappointed on this last comment, Insulting Christianity as a religion. U’re not to judge any religion, leave the judgment to GOD. Or did ALLAH complain to you that Christians are giving HIM any inconviniency. It’s people with little or no knowledge of Islam that talk the way you just did. You better seek for Allah’s forgiveness bcos nobody can fight for GOD. Any Christian abusing Al-Islam or any Muslim abusing Christianity need proper understanding of the existence of life.

  8. An eye for an eye lives every one blind. How long can we continue 2 live in hatred for each other? It is time 2 preach peace and religous tolerance. Boko haram is not welcome

  9. @ Abusite…… Thanks for your sensible comment, those who abuse one religion for the other; being a Muslim or a Christian, do not have good understanding of the bible and/or the Quran. If they truely does, they’ll better understand that you can’t be killing eachother in the name of fighting for God and still expecting HIS blessings. Boko Haram is Anti-islamic bcos Islam encourage us to seek for knowledge even if it’s going to China to acquire it. Enough of religious violence and hatred!!!

  10. there is this maxim of opinions bin lyk private parts..everybody has either male or female..but i tink those who r 4 violence or insult anoda person’s faith r HERMAPHRODITES!


  12. May God 4giv all the socald Bokoaram who go around deceivin people,killin students and youth coper and thinkin u wil c God my brothers u r blindfolded u r dead among the livin people who hav sufferd n graduated wer kild in kaduna,zamfara,niger state,e.t.c. Churches were burnt sincerely speakin assumin am a muslim i wuld av left the religion since thank God am a christian

  13. @jubi..way 4ward but dont 4get d core leaders of this deviant sect hav bin granted immunity by the law since most of d custodians of d law hav skeletons in their closets dat this miscreants wuld xpose if arested and prosecuted..imagine dat d leader of this sect was once caught and released..eva wonderd why?!


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