Mercy Johnson Calls Off Wedding

Rumors have it with Mrs Lovely Okojie finally presenting both her marriage certificate and her divorce certificate to the public, Mercy Johnson’s dreams of her intended wedding to Prince Okojie will not come to fruition. Although a lot of money, allegedly about N30 million has already gone into the preparation for the wedding as people have bought aso-okes, the wedding gowns has been purchased, even the venue and the rings have supposedly been paid for; strong indications suggest that the wedding might not hold.

Yet unfounded rumors have it that the wedding has already been called off in a move aimed at portraying her in good light to both fans and critics. The move is allegedly being supported by her church which was to conduct the wedding


  1. Mercy dear, i’ll advice u 2 quit d fuckng marriage, God’ll give u, ur own man, in Jesus Name! 4rm Shilla Ujong.

  2. Mercy dear, u took d bst decisn too much storries av really spoit d whole senario. Just pray 2 God 2 gv u bone of ur bone, dt man he has creatd sm where 2 b ur husbnd. It’s wel wt u

  3. In Africa, you can’t just agree to marry a man because he proposed to you or because you love him more than his God, family members are involved, questions are asked, investigations are carried out. I heard Johnson claimed she never knew the man was married, what kind of irresponsible argument is that? Is she not in Nigeria? Couldn’t her people ask questions? What rubbish! She should just say the man asked her to become his second wife,period, instead of claiming that she was unaware about the madman’s marital status. Any woman who is sympathetic to Mercy Johnson will have her husband propose to another woman for the same stupid reasons given by Mercy J. She should go and do the needful so as not to be duped a second time. Chinedu I N

  4. My dear sisteer Mercy Johnson, dont do things u would’nt like done to u. what goes around comes around. If u are truely a christian why get in the way of what God has joind together read this bible vers please PROVERBS 6;20-33 and then decide wether to go and get married to a married man though he has been commiting adultry with u. i am not judging u just an advise from a sister. U are wise so think well. God has ur own husband. dont do something u will regret. If this man and his wife will divorce, let it not be on ur account. No Lie Can Live Forever! U are beautiful. Pray to God for your man. I always like watching you on scenes but dont let fame take away your moral.

  5. gosh,na so moni d ds world,cnt bliv 30 millions just 4 wedding. n mata hw u bcom famous in ds life/world or get money in ds world nd u do nt give GOD A CHANCE IN UR LIFE THEN EUERYTIN S VANITY,ALL WOT AM TRYING SAY S DAT IF MJ. S A XTIAN SHE WIL VE 2 FIRST ND NID GOD B4 ACEPTING A PROPOSAL. WOT SHE D S GUD BT WAIT TIL D BONE OF UR BONE.AL U HVE 2 DO S GOD FIRST B4 ANTIN.I

  6. Mercy my love, i thank God for your Decision on this Issue, i have been with you in many occasions,and i know you are not a desperate person, that you have common sense of responsibility. is only those that do not know you that will judge you. but the issue is still remain that you are a woman every man wants to have by there side. take a break and reconcile with your self, and fudge ahead. is painful i know. but look up to God to comfort you. Some people might say against you. cus you are the target.
    pls be the mercy i know very well. You are blessed

    yours Bianca

  7. mercy dear, i won’t advice u get married 2 someone who is married b4. U stil young nd beautiful. Atleast evry woman’s dream is 2 last long in her hubby’s house. Y dnt u luk 4 a young man 2 marry, a man who is nt married b4. Jus pray 2 God nd he’l direct u. 4get bout d fact dt he’s rich. Pls luk b4 u leap.

  8. helo mercy. Know it now that you as a human accept what u can not chage. I advice you think wisely to avoied stopid mistake. Take chager don’t let it way you down.


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