Niger Delta Militants Sent For Training In Sri Lanka Deported For Fighting In School

8 Ex-militants from the Niger Delta who were sent for training in Sri Lanka have been sent home to face trial for fighting and destroying properties.
The training was meant to last for nine months but they engaged in a brawl with each other and destroyed training equipment.
An official said the ex-militants sent home have been handed over to security agencies for investigation. They left Nigeria last month to take courses on undersea welding, ship building and sundry keeping trainings that could enable them useful in the oil sector.
The entire exercise is part of an amnesty programme granted to the fighters by the Nigerian government which would enable them fit better into the society and desist from kidnapping oil workers and blowing up pipelines.

The ex-fighters claimed to be seeking resource control in the region which has large presence of oil companies. They also claim to be protesting the degradation of the environment through pollution.