Violence In Jos: 20 Dead, Several Injured, 50 Vehicles Burnt

Jos violencePhoto credit: Vanguard

Fresh violence broke out in Jos as Muslim and Christian youth in the area were said to have clashed. Although security chiefs in the state had last weekend met with religious and community leaders to fashion out strategies for a peaceful Sallah celebration in the state, their efforts seem to have been in vain. The bloody clash which occurred on Monday saw the death of about 20 people while over 50 others were injured.  About 50 vehicles, 100 motorcycles and 2 or more shops were burnt with some of the occupants trapped as their vehicles were torched by rampaging youths.

It is not yet possible to determine what faction started the commotion as there are different stories as to who started the trouble. While some eyewitnesses say that the commotion started after members of the ‘Izala’ Islamic Group who celebrated the end of the Ramadan yesterday were attacked by youths along Rukuba Road, a Christian dominated area while going for prayers at an abandoned mosque located in the area.

Another version said that the Muslim youths acted contrary to the directive of the police by carrying dangerous weapons to the praying grounds during the Sallah. The youth were said to have brandished daggers, knives and other dangerous weapons which they waved dangerously at residents of the area as they drove past. Their actions upset the residents who prepared themselves for a face-off with the Muslims.

Both factions however dispersed after the arrival of the Special Task Force who allegedly fired bullets sporadically in a bid to squelch the commotion, killing members of both factions in the process.


  1. Are we in a war?Cant there be peace,tolerance & value 4 d sanctity of human life?Is blood nt thicker than water?Must there be extra-judicial killing & anarchy in Nig?D presence of God is departed.May God save my soul.

  2. I feel sad wen I heard something like Dis nd it is a shame on youth dat reacted Dis way so saying u re d leaders of 2morrow ax a matter of fact leaders Neva destroyed but they builds so behave like 1 lon Li federal republic of Nigeria.

  3. its heartbreaking that division has come into a once peace loving country Nigeria.Theres serious badblood between christians and moslems in jos and in Nigeria.The only solution for jos now,is declaring a state of emergency.That will calm the violence then a strategy should be developed for peaceful co-existance between both religion,if not,the violence will never stop.As it is our government has lost control of Jos.

  4. This situation of fighting and killing ourselvs in this coultry is realy diverstating and an insult on our repiutation for how long shall we continou killing ows self now all most overy you will be hearing 1thing if not boko haram it will be our youth please lets stop this urgly act and join hands to make this country a safe and bether place to live in

  5. This not an issue of 2day but an issue of past that erupt saveral violence,lets keep staring on devastators n surely we might find ourself ditched.How could we allow our youth in such an act,i was at presence when the christians youth put on road blocks started killing innocent youth that came for the sallah celebration.The brigadier general was also stoned by this youth.How could peace rain in this neighbourhood if justice is not secumb.May Allah bless my people n the country at large.

  6. Anyone that love God should as well love his fellow human being not for the sake of the religion that he or she belongs to but for the sake that he honours and loves God, knowing that if you love God you will as well love and keep his commandments. Which by implication if fighting is your major target in religious believe, your not God’s followers and not fit to be identified as a Christian or Muslim, but a lawless fellow. Make peace with everyone.

  7. All these re d results of what our leaders turned us (youth) into. Could u imagine what happens when our leaders instead of empowering us +vely by creating jobs 4 us 2 occupy ourselves with gives u arms n ammunitions, teach us hw 2 handle them jst 2 fight 4 dia stupid personal interest. Nw we ve learnt hw 2 handle those arm n ammunition n no better job to occupy our tought, what do expect. This is pure repercussion. The only way 2 stp dis deadly n drastic act is 4 d goverment 2 creat better jobs 4 youth and stp empowering us with arms n ammunission. D idea of youth 2 stp looking 4 white cola jobs should also stp. This is because d so called youth dn’t even ve money 2 feed with nt 2 talk more of empowering ourselves with. May God bless d youth…

  8. It is a pity that some commentators just post things that makes them imagine someone saying the muslims are making the nation unsafe when they were the ones attacked and killed by christians..pls learn to say the truth that can bring peace no matter what those useless pastors and imams tell us.

  9. am sick am tired of dis xtian nd muslims issues in dz nation.pls its beta 4 our F.G 2 create state of emergency if they rily want ds drastic nd violent act 2 stop.our vital youths is depreciating everyday nd we’r no longer save in dis country.may God help us.amen

  10. How can foreign investor come to a place like the cold city?
    how can we attract tourist to a cold but fight ridden place?
    can our children still play n ride bikes on our streets?
    It a pity when nations are looking @ how to resolve economic
    and infrastructural problems plateau is destroying the little ones on ground.