Face Of The Man That Bombed The UN Building


The August 26th incident which resulted in the death of 23 people and the hospitalization of several others after a suicide bomber from the Boko Haram sect ran an explosive laden vehicle into the lobby of the UN headquarters in Abuja remains far from forgotten. The suicide bomber responsible for the attack has been identified as Mohammed Abdul Barra.





  1. The greatest honor he expected was for people to know that he took his life with those of others. He does not deserve that publicity. We all know that a fool killed some innocent people. That was enough. We should be going after his accomplices and teach them a lesson or two. Forget about dead fool.

  2. Waitoooo re we fools, hw cn they jst put pix of sm1 we dn kw n tel us dat datz d face of d persn who bombd UN building. Dat pix is old, is dat d persn do nt ve recent pix Datz 1, 2ndly dey did nt reveal 2 us hw dey gt d pix jst d pix n d name. Guy mk we think am wel sha. I kw trust dis guyz