Baby born holding a Quran sparks controversy in Lagos

The mystery baby, INSERT: The miniature Holy Quran

A baby boy, who is said to have been holding a small Holy Quran during his birth, is causing a big controversy in Lagos.

The baby was born at a white garment church in the Mushin area of Lagos.

A large crowd gathered at 1, Sonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos home of the boy’s parents  as news of the unusual birth spread like wildfire.

Some people dispute the claim while others say it is possible.

His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a Cosmetologist, told P.M.NEWS that he was born on Monday after she had carried the pregnancy for about 10 months. The single mother claimed she was abandoned by her husband who denied responsibility for the pregnancy and encouraged her to abort it. The woman told P.M.NEWS yesterday: “When I refused to abort the pregnancy, he deserted me, saying ‘that is your own problem’.” Mrs. Ilori expressed surprise at the birth of the boy. She added that the nurse who delivered her of the baby was physically challenged, but went about it commendably.

“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the nurse said the Quran should be thrown away. But I insisted my mother must see it before any action could be taken,” Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained.

Corroborating the story, Senior Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said during the pregnancy, Kikelomo was always coming to her for prayers and counselling.

“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die in the process. Again, I told her the foetus was sent by God and will be great,” Apostle Mother Dada told our correspondent. Controversy has continued to trail the seemingly spurious claim.

Reacting, Medical Director of Bodet Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Bode Tawak said scientifically, it was not possible for a baby to be born holding a Quran.

“How big is the baby’s hand to hold the Quran? How big is the Quran? How did the Quran get into her mother’s womb? I don’t know how a Quran can get into a womb. But there are things you can’t explain,” Dr. Tawak responded. He said while the incident cannot be explained medically, in Nigeria many mysterious things happen. A Kaduna-based medical practitioner, Dr. Munir Yusuf said from a medical point of view, it was not possible, but added that depending on the size of the Quran, it was possible metaphysically.

He explained that if the Quran is small enough to pass through the diameter of the vagina, with the child, it is possible. In the same vein, a herbal medicine practitioner, Chief Dr. Bola Adegunloye believes nothing is impossible, but said too much importance must not be placed on the incident.



  1. For those who have faith whether a muslim or christain you dont doubt the miracle of God, God can do and undo, the must important thing is that we should take lesson from any action, medically it may sound odd but mentaphysically it is possible. God is wonderful

  2. Nothing is impossible for Allah, we have seen many things in this world which is impossible in the view of human being but is possible for God, He is the one create live from death vice viser, He also create mama Awahu from the left ribs of Anabi Adam and create Anabi Yisha(jesus) without father and unmensionable things. This is miracle from God

  3. check d palm of d beast,it writes 666 so b careful not to b carried away by insensitive talks.Toto wey hand no fit enter,na e’m terrorist manual go kom out from.Ppl go stay dey find wetin dey go frame.Although since sex continues after death,notin wey man pikin no go hear.

  4. The Miracles in this world should not be overemphasized as we all know that verily, the Al-Mighty exist. Dating back to our fore-father ADAM who was born without a father nor mother, Isa(Jesus) with out a father, and others with father and mother. so the nature in which Al-mighty decides to communicate to His servants to repent defers. if He decides to communicate to us by this miracle, then forget about the so-called scientific, medical nonsense we are saying and lets repent and embrace ALLAH (SWT) as our One Lord, the Omnipotent, the merciful whom after all mischief on earth, wants us all to seek for forgiveness and embrace His true Religion (Islam). Allah is great!Allah is great

  5. Anyone who thinks this is a miracle or some form of magical msg, should be IMMEDIATELY sent to mental institute. Quran, new born, vagina…..Really?? This is the 21st century oh!

  6. Those who are doubting this news are disbelievers… wat else do u want, at this is also clear sign from the CREATOR of al creatures.
    HE is great indeed, Allahuakbar.

  7. Allahu akbar, this is one of the evidence which shows that islam is the only religion accepted by allah(swt). Pls embrace islam.

  8. If babies are born resembling animals, or with two heads, then carrying Koran is a minor thing. It is not any miracle because miracles do not exist. We shout miracle to many things we do not understand if they are not harmful but if they are harmful then we blame devil for it but we forget that only God creates and devils( or humans) manipulates. All things whether good or bad is created by God. we learn from them one lesson or another. Pray for the child’s health and do not start menacing him into believing that he is a prophet. (If he is he will know it by himself). For sure no body will send that child to school any longer since he is Allah sent and he will end up being an uneducated Imam fanatic. I am wondering why Jesus or Mohammed was not born with Holy book in their hands, that would have made believe and faith easier to swallow. Nowadays instead of praying to God and being good, we keep lazy looking for signs and over looking signs. Quaran is a square book I think?

  9. ALLAHU AKBAR! Tnk God its nt frm a muslim family, pple would av said may be it was a cooked story! Let those dt av hear listen & eye see d signs & wonders of ALLAH (swt). I no know no dey oh

  10. As long as we are humanz nt God anything is possible nd unpredictable under the sun,i believe no christian woman in her right senses wuld jus want wanna frame up sumfin lyk dat nt even wit a bible bt a quran of a religion is nt…as mere humanz we cnt c byond our own knowledge nd physical…letz tink b4 we talk,blive or unbelieve d tingz we c nd hear…miracle

  11. Unbelievable!! Dis madness. How can a woman gave birth to such a thing. Pls neva u rejoice on dat bcos it is not a true story. But if it is true, it is an evil.

  12. Allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar! kabir verily it has become so clear dat islam is d only way to paradise, this will b d second tym dis will b happening in this country. Dont b bias in ur ways of reasoning coz u will only cheat ursef

  13. how long will it take someone to get out of his or her illiteracy, moslem, christian, hindu call the religion what so ever name you love if you don’t love others the way you love youself meaning you are the most crazy creatures on earth, But if your do love ,,, I mean love tell me what is wrong being one among the billion religion in this world, what is your problem with other people believe, if your name is sky why cant you aloud others to be called sea

  14. Bliv it or not,it has happened.if ‎​​​​U̶̲̥̅̊ hate islam so much,‎​​​​U̶̲̥̅̊ can chew broken bottles 4 all we care.islam is here 2 say Ω̴̩̩̩̥ muslims won’t stop worshipping Allah coz som bunch of individuals tink dat islam is nt way or its α terrorist una know.if ξ pain ‎​​​​U̶̲̥̅̊,go born ur own pikin wit bible 4 head n cross 4 leg as na una know God pass.tnk God đ moda of dt blessed child is not α muslim Ω̴̩̩̩̥ đ child was not born in α mosque or in α muslim state.

  15. wit GOD nothing is not possible c qur’an 36:82 said Verily,His command,when He intends a thing,is only that He says to it,’Be!’_and it is! So glorified is He,in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him you shall be returned.

  16. wit GOD nothing is not possible c qur’an 36:82-83 said Verily,His command,when He intends a thing,is only that He says to it,’Be!’_and it is! So glorified is He,in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him you shall be returned.

  17. ALLAH is The GREATEST.christians are trying to make the sign of ALLAH crooked.They are only jealous,ill-tempered and foul-mouthed.There are no such signs in their religion.Remember the tree that formed la ilaha illaLLAH(no God except ALLAH) the owner of the tree cut it down but it grew right back forming the same words.ALLAH sends HIS signs to strengtnen the belivers.christians,dont cry foul.The Creator of the universe is ALLAH.HE can do whatever HE wishes.AL HAMDU LILLAHI RABIL AALAAMIIN.

  18. Well,Allah is all knowing and the most powerful, He does whatever He wants at wish,so if any being created by God can doubt His POWERS na him sabiooo my hand no dey God done do am He don do am,do u all rememba d issue of one Sheriff born 2 a Christian family too?

  19. But of course ur Allah can only accept Islam. But our God accepts us all becaos he created us all. Afterall the rain and sun, night and day and experirnced by us all. He is the alpha and Omega. There is no one like him. He is God and God is Love…. So y’all should get a grip of urselves thinking this thing they are claiming is a sign. This is d jet age. Show us a picture

  20. Wen U read thru d comments, u’ll realise how bitter U muslims sound. Why must U insult christianity becos a baby was born with a quran in hand “if its true”. No wonder they are busy killing each other. We can’t even be at peace with ourselves online how can we be in reality???? *smh* may God help us all….

  21. So,make everybody go become suiside bombers just bcos say koran come out 4rm toto???dem really say who day crase no day know say him/her day crase…

  22. Among the most possible unanticipated scenario of Islamic Monotheism is this(no doubt!). It stands to reason that the outcome of this should not be far-fetched as it is extremely far beyond human understanding apparently speaking. On this premise, i stand rating categories disbelieving this, as one with zero piety. Am happy this mystries are happening in our time whose days are still halcyon but am afraid these days are gradually waving us farewell. Without mincing words, these mysteries are bringing glad tidings as majority breed on the verge of acute indifferentism. Am sure this has happened to provide a piety roads to be trudged by those who are yet to be a believer reluctantly regardless categories who have chosen to continue dispute . It has already been said by One who has cursed us all to be alive that, and i quote- (Do not die except u die as a muslim) I thank Allah and its a privilege that I and my family are muslims. (my quote: to accomplish the truth is by your own choosing)

  23. All dis is just to decieve you even if its true satan sent a baby with quaran abnormal.dat child is nt 4rm d living God jesus christ cos he gives proper children to his children.just goes to show dat islam is demonic worship and allah is a to christ the end is near.peace and love.
    4rm d inspirated 1

  24. as muslims do we remember dat after many sighns 4rm Allah if we don’t check our acts of worshiping(ibada),characters,actions etc toward Allah& oda ppl including animals,punishment may come after miracles,4 cristians,pleas read about islam & qur’an. Dat baby may be a rael miracle 4rm God&4 u.

  25. ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR!! ALLAHU AKBAR KABIRAN!!!. ALLAH the creator, He create any thing He like without the advice of any one without the like of any one without the interest of any one except to show His existence as one god and religion of islam is the only true religion. So thats why we muslims believe everything is possible to Allah (s.w.t) and we praise and exalt Him. It is only the disbelievers will not believe because of jelousy, rudeness, and hatred of the true religion islam. Even they know the truth they will pretend like they dont know because they have gone astray. I TESTIFIED THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER.

  26. Why are we judging ourself on the matters that belongs to Gods whether christain or not what matter’s is for us to love others as we ourself and leave the rest to God to judge. I belive in one nigeria. God bless nigeria and lnng live nigeria. Thanks

  27. And many false prophets will arise and will lead many astray. For false Christ and prophets will arise and perform great sigh and wonders so as to lead astray if possible even d elect. Don’t be deceived end time is here all dat d bible said is coming 2 fulfillment. Christ help me to stay awake n not moved by d devils tricks

  28. Very funny nation …….too much emphasies and religion and miracles, yet we rank among D̶̲̥̅̊ most evil people i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ world. Same religious bigotry has plagued our land with all sort of confusions and inter – faith hatred and killings.i guess its time †̥ bann religions and let every one stay i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ his room and worship ђãt he or she believes §☺ †̥hα̲̅†̥ peace will reign. And §☺ doing, U̶̲̥̅̊ die i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ur ignorance and go †̥ hell or make heaven / paradise as D̶̲̥̅̊ case maybe……..its a shame †̥hα̲̅†̥ we are this divided even on D̶̲̥̅̊ net cos of one story ŊØ̲̣ one amongst us has authenticated or can authenticate, worst still this divide here reflects across D̶̲̥̅̊ youths……..what’s D̶̲̥̅̊ hoPe F̶̲̅Õ̳͡я̅ D̶̲̥̅̊ future co-existence of this nation.

  29. I seek forgiveness in Almighty Allah for all those(disbelievers) who have made outrageous blasphemy in consequence of this.

  30. I seek forgiveness in Almighty Allah for all those(disbelievers) who have made outrageous blasphemies in consequence of this.

  31. And whoever said this is a good sign or why should we see this as a good sign? He might just end up being a world acclaimed terrorist!!! God forbids since he was born in Nigeria. I pray it is the opposite however, to change the religion to be a peaceful one because wit wat is happening in the world today it is worrisome the teachings of this religion!

  32. The prophet muhammad (S.A.W) said every child is born on the track of islam until his parents make him a jew or a christian (a disbeliver).This mysterious incidence wasn’t coincedental 4 we the muslims knew about it from our beloved prophet.The child speaks to his christian parents(eventhough his father denied him) that he is a muslim but don’t christianise him.It is up to the rest of u the christians to decide, but mind u he is not a prophet coz he is already holding a prophet’s book(Muhammad(S.A.W)) , the qur’an.If u think you can use the ongoing universal bombings and suicidal attacks ,to discourage the ill minded amongst u,u shld know that the ones that Allah had destined to guide u can’t misguide them no matter what u do.If it were a muslim family that had a child born holding a bible ur reaction wouldn’t have been the same. Ofcourse the one that is not guided by Allah no body will guide him. A newborn child,a christian parents,church,reverend and then Qur’an not bible…What a food for thought. But what is the fate of that particular qur’an now and the name of the child?.Alhamdulillah

  33. Hmmm! Wonder shall never cease. I wonder how miracle happens in this so corrupt country called Nigeria. People with lot of evils in their heart. Anyway, what I want to ask is did the Qur’an came out along with the baby from the womb or after the delivery? Because normally a baby’s palms are folded during the delivery process.

  34. I have only this to say to those who think that its not possible, do not pass judgement as a christian or muslim, rather as abeliever in one God. And tell your self if this is possible by God or not.

  35. It is absolutely impossible f☺r A̶̲̥̅ baby in d womb Ţ☺ hold any unsterile article. Well, if. Į̸̸̨ may ask was †нε quran in his hand as he was been delivered? How big was it? Aside from †нε midwife α̲̅πϑ †нε mother who else saw †нε baby at birth? This is A̶̲̥̅ good distraction, we need more of such cock α̲̅πϑ bull stories it would water down †нε tension in town! Congratulations Ţ☺ †нε mother of †нε child who knows- †нε boy could be our own Ayatollah in Nigeria!

  36. Allahu Akbar !!!!!!!! Allahu Akbar !!!!!! Allahu Akbar !!!!!!…this as shown dat Almighty Allah is calling our attention 2 him, 2 beliv nt in anyother thing except him [Allah] and 4 dis another prophet as been sent 2 this word to preach the word of God…..

  37. Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!
    Are white garment(olumba’olumba) Christians, this is just like referring to eckankan as Christians too, better stop all these non sense. The quest for money can lead people to do alot of crazy things, belief what you want to belief, at the end we will know who is really with God (by God i mean Jehovah, not some other counterfeit).

  38. Can u just imagine someone saying all humans were born into a particular religion?! This goes to show how u all are a brainwashed lot! A religion that teaches its followers to kill fellow human beings, destroy homes, lives n properties and mind u the child was born physically challenged! Indeed a gift from ‘god’ Am sure u all missed that part! God will deliver his people from u all and destroy u all in the end because good will surely prevail over evil.

  39. Why are you people at each others throat? Whether it’s true or false leave am for God. Baby born with a Qur’an doesn’t change anything rather I’ll implore you all to stick to your belief. I’m proud to be a Muslim!!!!

  40. My dear christian friends, if the baby was born with a bible in his hand you will call him saint or God sent. but bcos he was born with a Quran he is a devil. Listen to urself, is it not a shame that you don’t believe in the same miracle you believe in? The mother is a christian that testify it, yet u disagree with her. where are we taking all this hatred to. Why is it that some Christians always disbelieve anything a Muslim man say? Go back and study your bible well and learn how Jesus Christ leave his life on earth. then you will realize the mistakes you are making in ur life.

  41. If i ear you saying impossible for God(Allah) it means the person is already die both he/she has not be beried.The God(Allah) that exist without knowledge of anyone,he created living things and non-living things from know existing to existing.
    God(Allah) is wonderful that process all wonderfull things on earths and heaven,he is all knowing and the most power than other person on earths and heaven,he does what is want at his wishes.
    if you can recall the tree that formed the word LAHILLAH(no god except god) the owner of the tree cut it down more than three times but it grew rigt back performing the same word.Allah sends his signs to strengthen the believer and the christians see the true way,
    Allah is great and islam is the true religion.christians God won’t come down the heaven,please think of this.

  42. I wonder why people keep asking thesame questions over and over again. ” how big is the baby’s hand to have held qurian right from her mother’s womb”. Don’t be stupid, check the picture once again, before making your comment!.

  43. it’s a pure lie, orchestrated by liars. who was there when He was born. Religion enslaves only faith in Christ liberates. some people will believe anything because it favors their religion. can you see the quran? it’s white, no blood stain. child birth is a bloody process. the mother is very poor and wretched, some trickster try to prove thier lies can just give her money to fabricate the lies.

  44. Allahu Akbar. My fellow Muslim Brother and Sisters, you guyz have said alot is only left for the rational person to go and think about it and embrace ISLAM. It is already said in the Quran that even doe they were given secone chance they wont believed. But this is for the Xtians, goto: Nehmiah 8:6, is there any place in the bible that says you should call ur religion christianity.?

  45. The message the young child brought to Nigerians, is that, We Nigerians serve just one God…. Fighting, bombing and other evil religious battles are vanity upon vanity.. As a christian, What i will advice the mother is that she should not throw the Quran away, the destiny of that child can be inside the Quran..This is so weird!!!!!!!!!

  46. It’s quite surprising that we still doubting Thomases. What’s more baffling is the question of sizes of the baby & the Qur’an despite the clear pictures of the two above. The Muslims should not be bittered, even when Jesus arrives on his 2nd coming, many Xtians will still doubt him. I don’t know what other evidences we still want to substantiate this glaring miracle despite the confessional non-contradictory reports of the mother, midwife & the Mother-in-the-house (3people). And all the 3 witnesses are CHRISTIANS and in the CHURCH for that matter: God Is Great!!!
    Even if the mother was bought over & the midwife also sold his soul to devil (very, very unlikely), could the Mother-in-the-house be so gullible as to be a party to this “orchestration”? Think Bros & Sis in Xtiandom!!!

    @Hotman, why are so hurt to the extent of being hot from within. Ur harsh manner of writing only showed ur frustration, jealousy & hatred for anything Islam. I would advise u have a re-think & study Islam OBJECTIVELY by reading books about the religion.
    @ALL XTIANS, I strongly advise that u study the Qur’an & other books of Islam without prejudice in order to purge urselves of the age-long propaganda and avail urselves of the chance of knowing the TRUTH as well as the clear distinction between the teachings of Islam & some ill-behaviours of some so-called muslimS.

    I rest my case. If u want more info about the Islam & Xtianity, contact me via my mail: [email protected]. Remain Blessed ! ! !

  47. Allahu akbar !!! Allahu akbar !!! Allah akbar !!!, dis ix a sure sing 2 each an evry xtians dat is thinking islam is not a true religion,so nw dey all c wht hppn @ lagos, so is a warned by ALLAH

  48. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!! People are just been sentimental, fuck them! U can continue to go astray if this is not enough guide to u

  49. this should never justify the truthfulnes of any religion. Many few years back in my home town(orin-ekiti) a baby boy was deliver with leaves in his hand just as its happen here. Should theuraditinalist be also joyful for this?
    Looking at it from another paspective, omo yoruba nimi and spirtualy something like this posible.

  50. Thank Allah that this miracle show itself in the church to make the christians to believe that ISLAM is a religion of Allah

  51. You can hold on to religion,I hold on to Christ who is the Son of the Living God,and the last Adam.He came to the world not to give mankind religion,but the life of God.That’s why He said,”I am the way,the truth and the life,no one comes to the father except by me”.God does not relate to the men through signs,He reaches out to you,and blessed are you if you believe Him.Jesus died for mankind and His blood was shed for the remission of sins once and for all.He did not come for nothing.Your salvation is dependent on your believing and receiving Him.Not on a lie of the devil,who is the mastermind of confusion.God is not an author of confusion.

  52. Those who committing sin through this innocent child, who does not know what is going on in the world should stop naming him with bad name like boko haram, terrorist, devil etc. If what they saw with him is lie, the sin will be on those claiming it, if it true they will be rewarded. What l know is that during the life time of the prophets there were so many people that see them, living with them, listen to their word even witness their miracles but didnt belief them. They their miracle is a magic. What l want u to know is that our creator who created sky without single pole is capable of creates whatever He wishes. He no partner, He no child, Allah is one.

  53. God is wonderful in his glory,mercy and g8tiful. Alhau Akbar Alhau Akbar. That mean’s Islam is a good religion, as the quran-an said b4 that INDAL DINIL LAI DINIL ISLAM means Islam is the religion of GOD. Also i shall advice the baby holding quran-an parent’s that dey should consult Islam cleric 2 look into the baby quran-an and find wether there is message in it 2 deliver for the world. Thank’s, MAH SALAM.

  54. Hotman or wat the fuck ur name is don’t u ever insult islam or the qur’an bcos I can see u r a sick bastard dt has no manners,useless foool God will punish u 4rm nw till d day u die n by god’s grace u’ll rot in hell.vagabon lyk u.

  55. Points to be noted
    1.d Quran dat was found in d baby’s palm was a very tiny one so it fitted into it perfectly wt d palms closed.
    2.the Quran was wrapped in sth translucent bcos d Quran must b protected 4rm mixing wt d mother’s blood and other filths in d body.
    3.d baby is not a prophet bcos d prophet Muhammad(saw)is d last of prophets.
    5.ISLAM IS A COMPLETE RELIGION,ONLY 4 THOSE WHO REASON.that is why our brain wil be an evidence on d day of judgement.
    6.i’m not suprised at some people’s reaction because even some denied the prophet’s and their signs.
    8.d fact dat islam is the only religion dat counters the western ideology wil always make them want to give islam a bad name and present islam 2 pple in bad ways.
    9.please let’s always be cautious of our use of language 2 b on a safe side.

  56. Now shout up all of u. What do u tink u knw abt God. God is complicated, u shld nt use ur little mind to speak 4 God. Jst watch ur mouth so dat u wld nt say anytin dat wld cause u to sin against God. Who ar u to fight for God weda xctain or muslim. God is one. and may he bles our Nation Nigeria. amen.

  57. Majority of people have spoken well about this new born baby boy with quran in his hand.However i want you to understand that God knows more than we.The boy is born with quran or they fabricated the idea is best known to Almighty God.Muslim(knowledgeable ones) dont capitalise on moojheesah(miracles) because Islam itself is a miracle from Allah.Quran itself is another miracle of Allah.Let wait and see as the child is growing up,if truely is sent to mankind he will surely deliver the message to the whole world even if the quran is thrown away.Let embrace peace Islam is not religion of boko aram is a religion ordained by Allah Subuanah Wataalah.

  58. many just talk without thinking, i beliv dis a lesson God is trying to tell d terrorists who said they re fighting for islam, dat islam is a religion of peace. therefore he allowed this christian child be born with a quran just to show nigerians that we all serve one God and that muslims should stop making troubles for christians. all should live in peace.

  59. in the last days,d devil will perform miracle.
    JESUS CHRIST is the way the truth and the one comes to JEHOVAH except through HIM.
    Those are antics d devil is using to worship him.besides only an adulterous generation seek after signs

  60. Alhamdulilahi
    The New baby was a blessing 4rom d Almighty Allah and may Allah Subuahan Watahala guide us to not make d matter worst Islam never and will never ENCOURAGE killing because so many comment wia made that Islam or Muslim people kills that not d truth those Stupid Boko Haram are deviLs they are not muslim but later or sooner Insha Allah the people of Boko Halal will come and save us from those thief, Assassin

  61. Well, about the issue of this new born Baby holding a glorious holy QUR’AN. I have not see anything to blabber or argue at. This not the first time and will never be the last time for this sort of clear message from GOD Almighty to human kind. I diametrically believed that the born of one of our belove and the famous prophet ISA (jesus) whose birth was unpreceedented was also unsciencetific, looking at the way it happened. Prophet ISA (jesus) was completely a muslim. The religion you despised and are being abused by you. It is there in the bible where jesus was said to have performed a muslim ablution. And also it is there in the bible where jesus was said to have prayed and worship God. Well, my question here to fellow christians is: the way jesus worship his God, it is the same way you are doing your worshiping now?. And Why jesus did not worhip himself and instead he worship God?. It is there in the bible where jesus was said to have falled on his knees and his forehead to the Ground. Pls, which kind of worshiping was that. I assumped that a prophet should be a role model to his people. Why are you christian diverting from the true teaching of jesus, part of which is still there in your bible. I intentionally refused to quote any verse because my exprience with christians made me believed that they do not read their bible talkless of following it’s teaching. Jesus himself called for GOD to help him according to ur bible, when he was saying: “My GOD, My GOD why have you foresaken me”. Here he was calling for GOD to come into his rescue because he knew well that only GOD can do and undo. As for him he could not do anything for himself. He was calling for GOD and now you are calling for him. A man who could not help himself and you are expecting him to help you. How could that be possible, uh? . My problem with the fellow christians is that, they allowed themselves to be blinded by personal hatred on islam. That’s why they rather die in false faith than to come and embrace a GOD’s own religion. Jesus was borned and in no time he talked and address his folks. Was this a sciencetific or unsciencetific?. The issue of science or not science is only man’s concern. But to GOD all things are possible. Because HE is the creator of everything including the science itself. I believed a white garment church hospital of mushing lagos is not an inventive place. And a photograph of this Baby and a tiny Qur’an is very clear to have seeing, unless if one is myopic. Lastly, as i said before i have not see anything to be contempleting at, one should accept the truth and embrace islam or keep to his or her false religious doctrine. As the GOD Almighty presented before you an unquivocal message of his true religion as a guiding light to you, if you turn back and ignore it, then that’ll be your own problem. Put sentiment aside and face the reality, save yourself from hell fire. Otherwise, oneday we will be watching you having been roasted in hell fire from our paradise TV screen.

  62. Akbar! Akbar!! Akbar!!! Allah is great. ISLAM is d true religion. Dis sermon is 2 all humanbeing 2 believe b4 d lastday

  63. I cried 4 dis nation and our children unborn after going thru every post…our fathers have failed us by creating and maintaining enemity among the youth of today. If not religion, it wud be on ethnic group. If same ethnic group, we argued abt state, area, compound, sumtimes family. Nobody ever emphasized on d welfare of d mother & d child. We can never agree on an issue but it depends on individuals view. Pls, lets learn on how to communicate, convince and not to condem one another…may God Almighty bless us and Nigeria (Amin).

  64. After goin 2ru al d posts d only post dat mak sense 2 me is dat of Hakeem yasir.In Nigeria of 2day we stil discriminat abt religion,tribe, etc. And we cal ourselves youth of dis nation,leaders of 2moro and yet we debate ignorantly.wel 4 d baby,al dat is hidden 2 man is kn by God and hm alone shal tak control. Peace!

  65. God forgive us all. When sign of Allah comes lyk dis, it is reminding us dat on d day when all man will come plain infront of d supreme judge, dere wil b no “but sir” “excuse me sir”. When u wil b told ” av we not sent u messangers, ayat proof and signs”. Think twice.

  66. No Muslim in any part of the world will be disturbed by the miraclous birth of this baby.
    If he was born with a bible, he might be called the second begotten son of god.
    It can only serve as an indication to those who were doubting of a way which is straight.

  67. Go and read the story of NOAH very well in the bible.When they failed to believe him.Can you please explain what this mean in the bible.DEUTERONOMY CHAPTER 14 VS 21.To me it preaches wickedness.You better make the right decision before its too late.I thank God for my life for showing me his way before its late

  68. Beleive it or not, God has done his miracle, and those that reject faith God has promised them not ever understand the truth, and they will meet Him when there is no room for repentance.

  69. That something is written in arabic does not make it a koran. But to the muslims, any thing written in arabic is automatically a koran. Arabic is only but a language so what ever comes in the form of arabic should not be seen as a koran. No matter how tightly packaged a bible is, a new born can not carry it in his hands. Any body is free to believe what he or she want. For the bible makes us to understand that on the last day, the devil shall device so many tricks to deceive u but do not be deceived. It is for some of this reasons that jesus told those that are called by his name that HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUT and LIFE. That no one can enter heaven except through him. He has tasted it all, and begin to places no one on earth has begin. He is resurrection. Every one to his own belive. The most important thing is love for one another. Long live FR of Nigeria

  70. What is the lesson behind the birth of this child, nobody is talking about the welfare of the child and the mother, rather we are busy trading insults on ourselves. Pls lets look closely and get the message from this episode.

  71. Allah akbar. (Allah is great) to me i belive all tinz are possible for allah (GOD) so the wonder baby is real holding quran, that sign that we muslim is on the right way all we have is to worship allah in d proper way


  73. Salam to my brother and sisters in islam,the wonder of ALLAH is beyond human reasoney,hw He shows the world His existence by gratest signs is just too u believe in it or not ALLAH is still there to proof u
    more to you.

  74. I live in this street. Story is a make up: pregnancy stayed 4 ten months. Deliverd in a white garment church in mushin, holds a quran at birth. Father disowned pregnancy. Baby delivered by imbesile midwife. Mother went thru prayers and counsel. Mother a spiritual church goer. Why all of ths result to a PRINCE OF PARSIA. My candid advice! This is the height of brain teasing falacies. If hwever i missed smthing and some facts cant find rightful place termiate this being before he starts drinking human blood in cubic meters seam safest. Rather than use this story as another ATM.

  75. I live by this street and there is a mosque by the mothers house @ 1 sonde street. Story is a make up: pregnancy stayed 4 ten months. Deliverd in a white garment church in mushin, holds a quran at birth. Father disowned pregnancy. Baby delivered by imbesile midwife. Mother went thru prayers and counsel. Mother a spiritual church goer. Why all of ths result to a PRINCE OF PARSIA. My candid advice! This is the height of brain teasing falacies. If hwever i missed smthing and some facts cant find rightful place termiate this being before he starts drinking human blood in cubic meters seam safest. Rather than use this story as another ATM.

  76. Hi to all who believe it is impossible a baby be born with a small Quran in his/her hand. Allah is the creator, and has the might to do whatever he wants so it can be an example for us all.
    Don’t disbelieve anything that happens in this world, cauz the world itself is mad of miracles. Look at the sky, who is holding it up? Look at the oceans, who is keeping them from the world? Look at the mountains, who made them as they are? Look at yourself? who makes you baby, than a kid, than an old person than takes your life? The answer is simple, Allah the almighty.

  77. To a believing mind, no miracle is needed. For a believing mind, no miracle is sufficient. I believe in ALLAH without need for miracle. I fervently believed that if its other way round, that a child is born with a bible in his hand, The propagada will beyond expectation. They owned the media, we all knew that. Without any thing to show for their christiandom, the advert didnot allow the muslim to breath well.

  78. Some people not belief that miracle,cos scientically it can’t posible but physically it can posible becos there’s noting God can not do,it show him self that i’m more than what they thinks.ALLAH IS GREAT

  79. Like it or leave it. Allah has again shown all doubting Thomases that Islam is the only way to salvation and the Quran is his revealed book. The earlier dogmas are dropped for reality the better. Let it be now, tomorrow may be too late

  80. whether a baby is born with a quran or it came with a piece of paper stating jesus is coming soon,dosent mean one religion is superior to another it only signifies dat we shld all luv ourselves irrespective of religion,age, gender sex,and create peace on earth and stop castigating one another but be ur brothers keeper in all ways and all times,luv one another as u luv urself.anyone who feels ones religion is better is naive and it shws dere level of intelligence and wisdom.

  81. Believe it or not, but it really happened. Christian mother gv birth to a muslim baby boy holding a glorious quran at garment church hospital in mushing lagos. Nobody can change the will of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. It is the truth reveal to you unbelievers. Accept the message and get salvation. Refuse it and get burn in hell fire

  82. its tru dat durin periods lyk dis,strange finz appn.i believe dat dis is one of dem.whether its tru or not,we gotta believe in our religion nd neva av it in mind dat one religion is actually superior to d oda.

  83. GOD is passing a message to the whole world to repent and give their life to JESUS CHRIST. we are already in the end time, and GOD did not want the death of any sinner but for all to come to repentance and live. CHRISTIAN AND MOSLEMS we should all live a holy, righteous, and sinless life, without which no man can see the LORD. JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON.

  84. our musim fellows should see this as jehovahs great sign that both religion is worship on god it show that he is a god of peace and love so let stay in peace with each other am sure these sign is for those who believe that killing christains will earn them eternal life to retrace their steps an knw that jehovah God wants us to co exist that is why a baby innocent without blame is used to show peace


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