Doctor steals friend’s medical certificate

Cases of misconduct by medical doctors reported to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) are ready to be investigated, the acting Registrar of MDCN, Dr. Udugbai Ilevbare says.

One of the misconduct cases being investigated by the MDCN involves a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) doctor in Ondo State.

The corper doctor allegedly used a practice certificate belonging to another doctor in Jos.

Another case being examined by investigation panel involves a doctor working in a government establishment in Cross River who was said to have stolen the practice certificate of a friend.

He claimed his friend was dead.

The acting Registrar of MDCN, Dr. Udugbai Ilevbare, at a press briefing, in Abuja, stated that although the total number of misconduct reported so far had risen to about 120, only 96 were ready for investigation.

He said, “The number is actually increasing by the day because Nigerians are now becoming more enlightened. The registered medical and dental practitioners, who breach our code of medical ethics in Nigeria (2008), would be brought to justice, through the appropriate disciplinary organs of the council.

“So far, we have 96 reports/complaints of unethical conduct and these are currently being investigated. Those found guilty would be adequately sanctioned.

Illevbare added that to facilitate this, the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, had approved the continuation of the activities of the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigative Panel of MDCN.

Assuring Nigerians that all cases reported would be diligently prosecuted, he added that all new reports would be promptly treated “to ensure that justice is done.”

According to him, the council is worried because the cases, if unchecked, have “the tendency to bring the profession into disrepute.”

The MDCN boss also requested the general public to “report all persons who practice medicine, but whose activities are suspicious and unprofessional, as they may be quacks or charlatans, for appropriate actions to be taken.”



  1. How is it possible for a registered Medical/Dental practitioner to practise medicine/Dentistry with another person’s licence? I think the person(s) in question are not registered doctors,they are probably quacks. At least,the licence bears the name of the registered practitioner.This news leaves much to be desired.* Just my thought….