Fear of arrest grips members of the oil subsidy panel

Members of the House of Representatives Adhoc Committee on Monitoring of Subsidy regime were worried by the allegation that the Chairman, Mr Farouk Lawan received a $3million bribe from the Zenon oil boss,Mr Femi Odetola.
Otedola was said to have revealed how he allegedly delivered a part payment of $500,000 to Lawan and $120,000 to the clerk of the committee,Mr Boniface Emanelo.
Presentlyothermemebers of the panel are worried that the operatives of the EFCC will wade in and interrogate them on the issue
A member of the panel who pleaded anonymous, said “I know the EFCC will invite us to state our side of the story, I am clean but I can’t vouch for other members of the panel. Farouk acted alone as he has been known to.”
Checks on the members of the panel on Monday, showed that at least 3 members are not in the country,one was in Lagos, one in Abuja,and another in a South Eastern state.
In a telephone conversation with a key member of the panel, it was said that other members were not involved in the scandal.
He said “Going from now forward, we will have to issue a joint statement making our positions clear onthis issue”
When asked why the members refuse to speak on records if they were innocent, the law maker said it was better to remain silent for now since the direction of the investigation being made is unclear.
The Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr Mohammed Zakor also spoke on the allegation that the House will conduct a thorough investigation and nobody will be spared if found wanting.


  1. it is very disheartening to know that greed and corruption has taken over every man and woman who is opportuned in any way to be involved with nigeria government. If we have thieves as fathers making laws for us and even in charge of committes professing to rid nigeria of corruption. God help us ”thieves interrogating armed robbers

  2. Our major Challenge as a nation is Corruption.This problem has been there for long dissallowing the NEPA to function well,Police,Defence,Education and private sector can not be efficient because of this same corruption.Please,God save my country because we have no other place we can call our own other tha Nigeria.

  3. The House of Representatives should remained resolute, focus and committed on this matter in which Trillions of Naira from the Nation’s funds were siphoned all in the name of fuel Subsidy. The House should also invoke its Legislative Powers to investigate and punish any of its member found wanting on any assignment shouldered on him by the House. The two issues here must therefore be clearly separated:

    1. the issue of undisputed siphoning of the Nation’s funds in the name of Fuel Subsidy; and
    2. the issue of alleged collection of bribe from one of the Oil Marketers by the Chairman and the Secretary of the House Ad-Hoc Committee probing the Fuel Subsidy Regime.

    Nigerians should not just fold their arms on these weighty issues to business as usual or else they will remained in difficult condition.