PDP is the only hope for Nigeria —Jigawa State Governor

Sule Lamido

Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido on Thursday said it was unfortunate that Nigerians refer to the Peoples Democratic Party as “the party of thieves”.

Lamido said this when he met with the PDP in National Working Committee members Abuja.

He said, “Some Nigerians refer to the PDP as party of thieves and fraud. But it is still either the PDP or no other. Nigerians have confidence in us and that is why they keep voting for us.

“Other party draw their strength and inspiration from PDP. Other parties are mere inventions; inventions by frustration.

“From 1998 to date, only the PDP has been consistent. All Peoples Party has become the All Nigeria Peoples Party, Alliance for Democracy is either no longer in existence or it is moribund.

“They are sanctuary of political failures. They vilify PDP every time. And yet, PDP is the only hope for Nigeria. Therefore, we must work very hard. We can’t afford to fail them.”

-Punch News


  1. God forbid, after wasting all our democratic life. u people don’t reason at all, for the past 15 years of this democracy u people still use same things to campaign 4 us e.g, good roads,electricity, free education, and yet curroption is growing now, we are wise and don;t think u can still fool us again or i should say am wise and my eyes are well opened. GOODDAY

  2. If yu say so then why is it that after the ellectn the acclaimed pple that supposedly vote PDP in always deny yu???
    Nd also before yu say so, @least allow other party candidate rule @ least each one tenure see hw they handle the affairs of the state compare to PDP’s way…..

  3. Matsiyachi, people like him spent most of his growing up life picking from dustbin and so when opportunity comes for them, they do anything desperately to remain in the spotlight. What evidence does he have to prove his statement other than the deteriorating condition they put the country in.