Shocked Entertainers React To Pastor Chris Okotie’s Crashed Marriage

Nigerians have not yet come to terms with the announcement that the General Overseer of House Hold of God, Rev. Chris Okotie made concerning the ending of his marriage to Stephanie.

Many reactions have been gotten via mails and comments on so many social websites, but as usual practice some well known celebrities were asked for their reactions and the following responses were gotten:

Elder O (Comedian)

He is at liberty to live his life the way he wishes. Most times Christians live and die in a marriage that is not destined to work at all in the name of “no divorce, no polygamy”. But being a man of God, I think he should watch his actions and hear from God-because they (Pastors) always advise us against divorce.

Ancient Master (Musician)

Rev. Chris Okotie is a man of God who is trying to prove to us that there are certain things you cannot take, even as a pastor. The public should also know that being a pastor does not take away free will or right to choice of relationship. Though marriages are crashing on daily bases; hence we may say, “First fool is not a fool, but what happens to a second fool?”

via e-Express

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Nobody would be happy to break up with his or her partner because I am sure they were in love with each other before they decided to marry. I think the media is not helping matters too. Let us leave them alone. It’s their personal lives.

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Divorce is a normal thing that can happen when things go wrong and can’t be reconciled. It’s better to separate than to suffer. Even if he is a pastor he is human too.

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Well, what do you say to this kind of thing? It’s a very difficult one. I really don’t know what to say. Marriage is an institution where you either pass or fail. One has to be very careful.

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Mike Nliam (Filmmaker)

It’s a very serious and ‘interesting’ situation. I cannot really judge him because he is a pastor and a teacher of the Bible – a man under authority and knows what the Bible says about divorce. Again, despite his pastoral portfolio, he is still human and must have his challenges. As a pastor, role model and public figure, he owes God, his congregation and the society (fans) an explanation.

He has done that to some extent. It would be interesting to know what counsel he would give to many folks in his church who have troubled marriages. It is indeed a very delicate situation.

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Divorce is something I can’t talk about. It is personal. So, whether their marriage crashed or not is not my business.

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Cossy Orjiakor (Actress)


  1. Will you forgive your President getting Drunk and peeing on his clothes at a State banquet? After all he is Human! Will you forgive a father sleeping with his grand daughter? After all he is human. Will you forgive your father-in-law on a visit to your home sleeping with your Sister? After all he is human. Let’s call a spade a spade, judgment or not judgment? This is just ABSURD. Must a person who have phobia for blood be a Doctor? Must a prostitute be a Clergy?

  2. Most often I wonder what Christ Okotie teaches his congregation…this act of divorce and counter divorce by this clergy begs for answer from all quater. Some say he is human, yes but he is a teacher of the bible which condemns divorce…

  3. Entertainers have the highest percentage of failed marriage.Its not surprising to read their absurd views.
    Yes!,he’s human but obviously not a man of God,forget being judgemental.Do You think other great men of God have it all in their wives? No,they dont.But a teacher of the Word must live by it!.

  4. We should be very careful when talknig about men of God even if they do things that make us doubt their calling. Let God deal with them…The Pastor is a very controversial person,@ d same tym we should acknowledge d fact that he is human…the question is,with all these controversies surrounding this man of God,ow is he suposd 2 effectively lead his membas???

  5. I think d issue of marriage and divorce is a personal buh pastor chris has to be very careful. He is a spiritual father to his coongregation and he knows wot d bible says abt dis issue. Those who lives in glass house must not throw stone.planinig to get married again dis december is nt a good idea.

  6. We only know this peopLe as men of God, but most of them God don’t know them. You ppl said don’t judge but if pastor involve in crime like Rev King. Pastor Chris can be judge if he did the wrong things. Thus pastor chris consult God before enter into this marriage. I can tell you that he may be a teacher of word of God but he might not lead by GodM

  7. The Bible says, ‘Get wisdom, get knowledge, in all you get , get understanding…’ Wisdom of God, Knowledge of the Bible and understanding of God and His words… Chris Okotie ain’t no man of God, he is a man of the devil, I pity his so called congregation and any that listens to him.

  8. For goodness sake who conducted this interview? And why people from the entertainment industry? Those who have always set very bad example when it comes to the marriage institution. No wonder all of them supported the anomally commited by their brother. He has always been involved in one marriage or sex scandal, I’m not surprised at all. But pastor Chris you must know that you are on your own, you are not representing Jehovah El-shaddai, stop disgracing our God. Stop misleasing the Nation. You are just too concupiscent to be a pastor. May the Lord have Mercy on You. Give your life to Christ now before it gets really late.

  9. U see one important of polygamy,. In the world population men are 1/3 of women, if not for Islam most girl wil b marriend only when husbands divorce dia former wife. Islam is just to perfect to have make it possible to marry morethan one wife but with the condition that u wil treat them equally. With this i wl say, it wil b idea to keep d old wife and stil bring in a new one becos u might wrong ur lord by divorcing ur old wife elder becos of d new one or some other reasons.

  10. LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL. Be reasonable and steadfast. According to the Scriptures (Bible/Qur’an) one of the things most hateful to God is “DIVORCE” but that does nt mean that God did nt allow it. The Scriptures said that u must try all ur best to resolve the problems and retain ur marriage. But if all efforts av bn made & no solution is obtained, then, it is mandatory they get separated but ds should b done in peace &harmony, wt love and understandin nd wt d bearin of witnesses frm ppl around. Scripture stresses it that it shld d done wt caution nd the husband has d right to take care of the woman for some certain months by providin her wt sustenance but without havin anythn in private wt her, for who knws they may change their plan b4 d term 4 d divorce wher the woman is alowed to pack her things out of the man’s house. Divorce shdn’t b done lyk throwin out d woman’s properties or jst going to court to do ds within 2 or 3 days.
    Moreover, to All who thought the Bible proclaims or commands the marrying of just a wife, my advice for u is to try as much as possible to undstnd d doctrine cuz many prophets in d Bible we all read, married more than one wife, nd nt as another aftr devorce.
    Yes, Pastor Chris is just a human also nd who knows if he is bn tempted jst as satan tempted Jesus Christ?! My point is what he has done is never a sin but a lesson for him nd 4 all.
    However, many people of today just jump into marriage w/o proper counsellin &guidance frm God. What we see today is marryin for material things nd nt for God’s will nd spirit, then, I ask u, how do u expect it to last?! All u Entertainers, the problems u are creating are more than what u think u are solving… WATCH UR MOVIES AND MUSICS AND TRY TO BE DECENT AND MODEST.