The Battle of June: Federal Government, Boko Haram, the Masses – Who is Fighting Who?

On the 27th of March, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria assured that the Boko Haram menace will be brought to a conclusive end by the middle of this year (about now). He made this statement during an interview with a South Korean news agency – Yonhap News Agency. The president was in South Korea for a two-day summit on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

About a couple of weeks later the Boko Haram sect came out with their own counter statement, promising Nigerians that in order to prove the president wrong, they would carry out a series of coordinated mass strikes in June in the country. Here we are today; who is delivering on their promises? Boko Haram or GEJ? A lot has been said by the presidency about the plans in place to put a permanent end to this mayhem. But nothing is being seen in terms of concrete actions or results. Lives are being wasted everyday by this sect.

In this month of June alone about two hundred (200) lives have been lost to Boko Haram-related crisis in the country. If the battle was really between the government and the sect, it would have really been a different ball game. But who is dying? The masses; innocent citizens.

There is also the wrong notion that Nigerians have about the whole scenario: people are asking “government versus Boko Haram, who is winning?” But is there really a fight going on between these two? Do you win a battle you are not fighting? We dare ask: is the government really fighting the Boko Haram? Or better still, is the Boko Haram even fighting the government?


  1. There is nothing like both of them. PDP government is the only boko-haram nothing more. Who was responsible for the first bomb blast at eagle square on Nigeria @ 50? Hear it out from Henry Okah who was a prime suspect that claimed that federal government is aware of the secrecy and conspiracy. May God save Nigeria from the hands of devils who claimed to be human leaders.

    • Lets call spade a spade. We all know who are the Bokko harams. They are notorious so call Islamic satanic Jihadists in the name of bringing sharia to Nigeria. It’s also revealed that some state governments, moslem elites, ex-heads of state are co-sponsors. Remember b4 the election of Jonatan, they said they’ll make Nigeria ungovernable for him. And that’s what is exactly happening. Many moslems in the north indirectly support and sympathize with the boko haram, that’s why they are against the JTF and other security operatives. It’s a pity that the innocent citizens are caught in this saga. But God will hold the wicked accountable for all the blood shed. As vengeance belongs to Him.

  2. Blaming anybdy at ds point can neva solv our problms of Boko Haram.D quastion z Who ar bokoHaram?,Wher ar they?What dd Nigerians do to them to deserv ds dly bombins?How can we meet to dialogue on d griviances if any?.4me,Muslim lovs xtains in Naija bt few evil ones ar hiding under islamic umbrela to comitt sins

  3. Every body is entitled to their own views,but 1 tin is certain wen few top people pass away,boko watever will pass away wit dem,but until den let’s kip praying and kip our fingers crossed. One luv My Great Country Nigeria.

  4. u know one thing about war, the people involve fight to win their opponent. They don’t care whether your fighting back or not. What they know is to win, to be on top. See the case of biafra and Nigeria civil war. Even when the war was over, Nigerians still kill the Biafrans secretly.
    Whether GEJ fight back or not, boko haram is delivering their promise.
    I like GEJ but the way he handle matters concerning security and the innocent lives boko haram waste, irritate me and make me hate him.

  5. The government knows the people behind this Boko Haram, it is because it has not affect any of their relatives, it is only affecting we poor masses, the elderly adege says when a lion kill poor man son it did not concerne the government but when it kill a big man picking then they will wake up and find solution to the problem. l prayed that god will come to our aid and save us from this wicked people, called our leaders.
    God bless Nigeria.


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