Finally! Uche Jumbo Explains Why She Got Married Secretly

Nollywood star, Uche Jumbo, who recently became Uche Rodriguez after her very secret wedding to Puerto Rican, Kenny Rodriguez, talks about the reasons for her secret wedding in May, 2012.

Uche says:

Well, I did that because the first pronounced relationship I had didn’t work out because of unnecessary media attention. A lot of bad stories about me in the media suffered my relationship so I have to guard this one jealously and devoid of any unwanted attentions.

We wish her a happy married life!


  1. Oh dear, thanks to God for ur marriage. Always remember u are a help meet to your husband and he is your head, live in peace & harmony, its a journey not a destination, but Grace of God will see u both through. I pray God will keep u both in love, peace & understanding. Its well with u in Jesus name. Remain blessed.