Goldie’s response to all questions asked as she arrives: ‘Prezzo played me’

At a press conference that held this afternoon at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Goldie gave the following responses to all the questions thrown at her:

When asked if her ‘love’ for Prezzo was real or a strategy to win, the singer replied:

It wasn’t a strategy to win. I saw Prezzo as a calm, very intelligent and easy going person. Viewers have the option of seeing about 50 cameras at a time but I have just two eyes and two ears and only believe in what I saw. You had the opportunity of knowing him more than I did.

On how she felt when she realized that Prezzo had nominated her for eviction/ played her.

She said, “I didn’t know much or watched Big Brother very much before I got there due to my busy schedule as an Artiste. So, I never suspected that Prezzo played me because he cared for me in the House and when I say you are my friend, I will trust you wholeheartedly. But when I came out of the House and realised that he had played me, I was a bit sad. Knowing that he was in the house to play a game, I became relaxed”.

On why she cried during her eviction on Sunday:
“That is who I am. That was how I was brought up. I am a very emotional person. But I cried mostly because of the betrayal that I felt from Prezzo! He was the last person that I thought could betray me. He was always giving me hope. cheering me up as one of West African representative. He showed solidarity to the course of the Region. I thought he was my friend! So, I was emotional when I realized he played me”




  1. U mumu gan. No be small thing! Did they send u there to fall in love and be emotional abi 2 play the game. No excuse jare. U dey follow married man, wetin u expect. u have fallen our hand. u shud take a break so we can forgive u. 4 now, ur reputation don finish pata pata!!!

  2. Silly azz goldie! As men plenty reach 4 naija u no see anyone. Its dat ugly idiot Prezzo dat u chose,instead of mindin wat u went 2 d hauz 2,u’re sayin he played you. Y wont he? Wen u really brought urslf vry low 4 him 2 play,I wont date dat guy 4 anytin in d world! U’re jst a disgrace!

  3. Game is diff. 4rm luv. We tot as a super star u shud be able to differentiate btw d two vry well. Evry1 went to d house to play game n not to just fall lyk dat. If @all, it will only emanate afta d whole game. Anyway, u ‘ve learnt ur lesson bt u don fall our hands. …d game continues

  4. Golie infact ehn!infact to say them no evict u,I for personali cari BH go dat place comot u by force bcos no b small shame u bring ds country o! The worse outing naija has eva had was YOU,1bcos of mumu love and 2bcos u became the housegirl and cook of the house.. Stupid slave

  5. Abeg stop insulting Goldie.we re ol humans nd we ave feelings, how many ov us hia dat re talking ave the ability to stay in dre 4 dat pple jst keep shouting nd raining abuses on her if you ever get to read dx goldie i’d just tell yhu to get a hold ov ur lyf.cos it comes with many challenges.its not ur fault yhu wia evicted it was jst not ur luck.i wish yhu beta tins.dnt wori dx will soon be a tin ov d past

  6. Sekeenah…u are a big fool, game is game, n love is love, doing the right thing at the right time matters alot,nt the wrong thing at the right time, BBA is a game zone and nt love zone,that she ought to knw, her emanate to falling in luv wt Prezzo

  7. All we saw from Goldıe was de ın workıngs of a lonely gal that had a very bıg voıd to be fılled ın her lıfe,Preezo beıng d player he ıs saw dat n capıtalıse on ıt.Love my foot!She jus a confused gırl who dıdnt know why she was ın da house.

  8. Seekenah stop kissing Goldie’s ass n speak the truth! She is a big disgrace to the world sef not only naija…..of course prezzo didn’t love her, he USED her and dumped her like an old pair of boxers…….was she not in the house when prezzo was fondling jannete’s boobs? To the extent he even made her a liar and a theif? Rubbish! Shame on you goldie

  9. Goldie,you are a fool with capital lettter F.Bba is about game not house of llove,you are just cheap,u reduced urself to zero by going to bba,when someone watch ur music video,he or she will see diva but u messed up big time in bba house,pretending to be a good house wife,cleaning and washing as if u dey ur husband house.Wey naija men plenty,u go fall for kenyan nonsense man as if u never see man for naija before.Make sure u go for hiv test as u don come out,I know see condoms for bba house,go check. Urself,idiota.

  10. I didn’t watch much of bba but from the lil I saw from Goldie, I was dissapointed. Her image in bba was complety different from d phony diva image potrayed outside bba. Well maybe she was tired of playing d #zlist celebrity game (with adopted image/ulter ego) n u saw the real Goldie. Wrong stage to show the real u…bba is. Game.

  11. I didn’t watch much of bba but from the lil I saw from Goldie, I was dissapointed. Her image in bba was compelety different from d phony diva image potrayed outside bba. Well maybe she was tired of playing d #zlist celebrity game (with adopted image/alterego) n u saw the real Goldie. Wrong stage to show the real u…bba is a Game.

  12. I only felt sad because Goldie was the only Nigerian left in house that could had stopped at nothing but win the StarGame because iBelieve its Nigeria’s birthright to Win; at the same time I wanted her out because she became a disgrace to not only our country but our ladies too. How could she has blindly falling in Love with that D… “God forgive me but I have to say it.” Dog called prezzo! Goshhh!!!

  13. The way Goldie fell for Prezzo just tells me onething. Most artists are lonely, empty and sad people in search of love, inner peace and happiness. Goldie with all her popularity in Africa b4 she went to BBA was a lonely and sad girl in search of love.

  14. I never expected that from Goldie sha. I think that was her strategy before she entered the house: To look for the most controversial guy in d house & start a relationship. So that Africa will not want the couple to leave the house because of the drama that will be ensuing between both of them. Unfortunately, that was Prezzo’s plan too and he was much better at it. She chose her path but it didnt get her the cash.

  15. Bitch Its now u want to apologise, shebi befor u said we should find new person to hate, now u don disgrace ur self to the whole world. So na so u take dey run follow man, then come say u dey in love goat. Village woman, I no no why they even pick u to go BBA cos u are not even a star (celeb). Look for psychiatric hospital to treat ur madness problems. Ashole