Photo: Archbishop Of Abuja Joins Muslim Breaking Fast At Mosque

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, the Most Rev. John Onaiyekan, has called for greater inter-faith cooperation between Muslims and Christians to foster peace and unity in the country. Onaiyekan made the call on Tuesday in Abuja at the Al-Habibiyyah Mosque at Guzampe, where he visited with a team of Catholic clerics for the breaking of fast.

The archbishop, who arrived at the mosque in the same bus with some members of Al-Habibiyyah Society, told reporters he was at the place of worship at the invitation of his friend, Imam Fuad Adeyemi.


  1. Dis is leadership, I know so many pple might not understand dis, but I can see clearly wat dis man of God is trying 2 do. There can be no peace in adversity, there have bin hurts we must try 2 4give if we want to move ahead, kudos man of God, wat an examplary leadership quality!

  2. @ KOIYOBO, U will agree with me that GOD represents PEACE, LOVE & PROGRESS. Doing anything to ensure these makes u a Man of God. Some people started Insecurity we are experiencing in the country. In the same vein, people who truly beleives in God must start the peace processes. Kudos to the 2 Men of God. May God see us through in ensuring a lasting/Godly solution to the insecurity when are battling with in Nigeria.

  3. @ koiyobo and @Henry, You Two aare bunch of foolish fools. People like you guys are not christains but Extrememist. U need to be assinated so we can have peace. They are several Ways of Reaching Our God, Before Christainity People Lived. Fools

  4. Koiyobo it is very unfortunate that people like who claimed to be true believers of christ will be posting things that will jeopadise the good steps taking in the right direction by this religion leaders.It is a fact that every good thinking and peace loving citizen of this is hurt by the level of insecurity in this country,but must we continue like that something urgently has to be done to inprove the security situation.Among the things to do is what this religion leaders are doing now and we must support them to foster unity among christains,muslims and all other citizens of this country to laeve a legarcy for our born and unborn childrens

  5. I salute the wisdom of God in the Bishop. Henry and Koiyobo what do you have to say for the souls that have perished? What these men of God are trying to do is to create peace. When christ came to earth he didn’t just fellowship with believers, he dined in the house of Zaccheus the tax collector and he was criticised but He saved him and Zacceheus made restitutions. I know that his visit would have ministered to some of the evil doers who hide behind Islamic religion to perpetrate evil. God bless you Bishop, God bless Imam and God bless Nigeria.

  6. I thank God almighty that smtn like this is happening in this our great country. We shouldn’t blame those guys that antagonises d Archbishop, its bcoz God has given diff level of tolerance n forgiveness. I wish d political person sponsoring d menace of Boko Haram should be brought 2 book coz they r d ones causing confusion in d country by tanishing d image of d peaceful religion, ISLAM

  7. Even our lord Jesus was criticised by the pharises b/c he ate with a sinner. What did he tell them? That he did not come for the righteous but the sinners. Koiyobo and henry are the pharises in Nigeria 2day. When apostle peter cut off the ear of one of those that came to arrest Jesus what did he do? He put it back and cautioned peter. Christians means Christ like.

  8. This Man of God should be given a Nobel peace award. He’s heavily touched by the situation and his doing what he can and not just talking. Let those 2 fools Henry & Koiyobo sit and watch in their shame how our belove Nigeria becomes peaceful again. How could they have condemned an action like this? Idiots !!!

  9. To d rigth to d left u guys hv spoken. But i will say what ever any body does, people must say somthing. Jesus christ of our time is the Holy Spirit and he teaches what to do, so no matter wt d Bishop did, u in person commit in the mercy of God should in case dis action of the Bishop is wrong.

  10. Dnt attak peoples reput bcos they gav their opinions,ther ar xtians wu cnt attnd anothr church talkles of Mosque,so dnt blam their reasonin. We shld al jst remembr wot jesus was tryin to tel us in d parabl. d gud samaritan.

  11. …….Prov. 10:19 says”in the multitude of words, there wanteth no sin, but he that refraineth his lips is wise”(take note!)…..what i will just say is dat we should not criticise one anoda bt show love by d standard of john 3:16…let God’s love be shown not human’s….God’s love Xtics is in 1Cor 13….Read and be blessed and bless others…

  12. we have to be very careful with these pple though, if he is doing it with all sincerity then we acept it and Allah will assist him in acomplishing the task. We as muslims, w are well known to be peace loving pple, as the name ISLAM means PEACE. God bless Nigeria.

  13. The greatest commandement is love.” Love one another just as I have loved”. No one can ever say he loves God when he hates his neighbour! How can you love God you have not seen and hate the neighbour you have seen? We can only love God by showing love to our neighbour. Whether Christians or Muslim, God is the creator of all and only Him knows those who serve Him in spirit and in truth. Born again is just a word of the mouth, true born again is in the action. That Bishop is a hero and should be emulated. If each of us here can extend a hand of fellowship to our neighbour in respective of our religion, Nigeria will be a better place to dwell. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called children of God. God bless Nigeria.