Photo: Emmanuel Adebayor’s unbelievable fleet of cars

Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, known as Emmanuel Adebayor, is a Togolese footballer who is signed to Manchester City and is currently on loan to Tottenham where he plays as a striker..

It was discovered recently that this astounding player owns a fleet of cars that camera couldn’t just cover it all at a shot. The question ravaging people’s minds has been ‘what his he doing with such numbers of cars?’ Comparatively many presidents of many countries don’t go on the road with such a car-blessed convoy, and neither does he.

This man could actually be looking at a new career as a car dealer.

Emmanuel Adebayor Aston Martin



  1. @jona i fink its u that shd shut ur mouth….these guys avnt said anyfin wrong,why go abusive…there is nothing special abt addbayor’s wealth,so quit being nigerians they av seen much more bigger n better than that of adebayor…aiit?
    As to adebayor i like ur taste for cars but they arent the best thing to invest in.cheers