Photos Of Uche Jumbo’s Wedding To Puerto Rican Kenny Rodriguez

WOW! magazine has published the wedding photos of star actress, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez in its latest issue. The actress gave WOW! magazine exclusive rights to her wedding pictures. She got married to her husband, Kenney Rodriguez in Puerto Rico on May 16, 2012. The latest issue of WOW! magazine is currently on sale. The latest issue of WOW magazine is a wedding themed issue, and it contains details of the wedding, as well as a lavish photo spread.


  1. Congrat uche.but let us face d u guyz ment 2 b cuz i dnt want a situatn 2morrow comz up wit another story dat u guyz re no more.plz dnt quote me roung cuz is same story we hear each day.they re gud nija guyz 4 heaven sake datz nidz u d way u nid dem.why go dat far my dear sist uche.jst tink bout it.