Senate President David Mark Thinks Nigerians Use Social Media to Insult Their Leaders

Senator David Mark, the Nigerian Senate President on Thursday called for a check on the use of the social media in the country, saying that people now use them to demean their leaders. Senator Mark was speaking in Umuahia, Abia State, while declaring open a two-day retreat for Senate Press corps.

The senator said the need to check the social media became necessary, as they do not have the avenue for retraction of whatever they have done. While acknowledging that that the media has come to stay, as part of the process of governance in the country, since the return of democratic government in 1999 and performing its social responsibility of checking the excesses of the leaders, Senator Mark however, urged reporters to always cross check their facts before writing so as not to mislead the people, who depend on them to know what goes on around them.

In proving his point, the Senate President cited as examples varied figures usually quoted by various media in times of tragedies, saying that the figures were always inconsistent. Describing the media as one of the stabilizing factors in the scheme of things, Mark cautioned that Nigerian social media users should learn how to always say positive things about their country.

In his words, “we need to change our attitude on how we report things about our country, and we should emulate the foreign reporters, who never report negative things about their countries.”


  1. Dis dumb ass dnt even no d media is part of govt and through dis media we voice our concerns. Dis idiot is ova dere receivin a 183 milion naira annualy and expect pipo 2 quiet senator dumb mark is anoda asshole speaking. And pls mark send my wishes to dat ugly man jonatan tel him he is rily tryin his best by been inactive. Nosense govt.

  2. what is this Cow saying ? Did Nigeria has Leaders or Rulers ? David Mark or what you call yourself please give criteria of a Leader and Check with the one’s you called Leaders in Nigeria.

    May God Never Allowed the un-born and born children to Emulate those present Rulers of That Country IJN……..AMEN

  3. C ds dumb fool hw did u get to knw if not dat u used it and y won’t we insult u fool for ur useless govt all u do is sit der like a frog taiking nonsense u er supose to fight for d mass but u all fight for ur poket and demolishn villages at d end u alocate it to urself build manssion and buy bulet proof car and earn milions of naira and steal frm gvt purse instead of u to do ur work u talk about social media insult to useless leader like u n ur president wo can not use his initiative people die evry day in ur country n u sleep and wake up fool

  4. I dont knw exactly whatz wrong with our leaders… Mark is so short-sighted and ill-visioned! Is Nigeria the only country that uses the social media to make constructive criticisms about bad leadership? Why is mark so concerned about this?
    He’s such a fool!
    If he likes, he should raise a motion for a bane on the use of internet or even mobile phones…

  5. it is Nigeria that bastards like David Mark think thank that they are legitimate have brain.if all that is credited to him in this report is true is only goes further to demonstrate the foolishness he has been masking with political power; nothing in what he has said make any level of sense. I am not sure this idiot can define ‘Democracy’ let alone ‘Government’. I don’t even know why the media keep featuring morons like this in the news.
    pitiful! it happen only in Nigeria!

  6. No i think you are wrong guys honestly speaking Nigeria media is one of the major problem between North,South & East an example is Nassarawa state Governor been an CPC governor wanted to build an Airport cargo & domestic but AIT went further by saying whats the use of Airport that he want to be using it for child tarifficing from North to Europe..Imaging what a presenter is saying while other state from the west are creating double of either same project existing or government existing side by side with state project…so to be frank speaking media aint Helping nigerians but for social media its our means of freedom of speach.

  7. This is a very interesting comment by David Mark. It is nor far a part from his comment many years ago while serving as Communication Minister, when he said ‘telephone is not for poor people’, justifying why he failed to improve the system. It is apity people like David, is being recirculated in this our great country. I believe unless they are kicked out of our lives, corruption, in responsiveness to people’s needs and aspiration will never see the light of the day. David monthly earning is more many LGAS receive for thei monthly expenditures, yet he cannot lay his hand on any thing he is contributing to the country. This of course exclude luxurious Golf Courses he is buying both locally and internationally.

    Do you know how much he spend on his retreats? Do you who how much he is getting for the SP House he stole and getting paid rent for it?

    David, STOP calling yourself as our leader, you should go and repent and donate all he zillions you are stashing away if you want to be forgiven! Which I doubt anyway.

  8. David Mark, you must be a gorilla to make that statement. If you like barn the social network, cos you do not want the masses to know what is happening in the Assembly and Nigeria in general. Remember you once mentioned that the GSM is not for poor people. You are a criminal Mark. Useless Idiot. Come and arrest me. If you need my address request & i ll give you. Opportunist like you.

  9. dis cock head is veri stupid.jst becus we tell u make una build our roads,railways,schools from here so na him make u dey say we d insult our leaders.u d craze who tel u say we get leaders! Naa criminals we get we dey lead us bcus d result na boko haram.bombing etc.u sit there doin notin.if i be boko haram i will bomb dat senate house and aso rock villa so dat dis corrupt leaders go die all. 4kers…

  10. Actually the sen. President is really right that people use the social media to insult their leaders. The matter is, how many of our leaders or even leaders around world were transformed into the arrangements of those insulting them? It does not help at all.
    If mr. Mark were your father, would you insult him? There is a day set for judgment and God will judge every insult.
    God bless us as we see the need to either pray for our leaders or keep quiet.

  11. U r a moron @samdave…its ppl like u that create abundant breeding grounds for worthless leaders,tyrants,despots and criminals who have been at the helm of things in this country for too long.from ur statement it is obvious u r either one of them or aspiring to be.look at the west who we have benefited so much from in terms of media n its freedom,any n every1 has the right over there to critisize their leaders as they see fit and to whatever extent.ppl like u n that moron david mark want to gag free Nigerians expressing their freedom of speech.david mark is not our father n if any of our fathers becomes a tyrant/quasi dictator,let us true Nigerians who re born brave rise up to be the shields between those usurpers n well meaning citizens of this great country.if david mark watches international news n actually follows international social media he’ll find out that the west dsnt broadcast or write only complimentary things abt their even if they did so this idiot expects that to be the template of Nigerian freedom of speech,idiot.why dsnt he emmulate the west n b a better leader so we can sing his n the other leaders praises.

  12. the masses use the social media to send their appraisal of Gov’t efforts in using public fund to enrich self.
    Sir, it is not saying evil things about leadership, it is not using public money for the goodd of the masses: so do good and you shall be praised

  13. This our s0 call leaders has n0 g0od visi0n f0r d masses of dis nation,d r misleading dis NAIJA c0z 0f their excess evil deed,0nly G0D will help dis 0ur NAIJA frm dis kind 0f c0ndition. They r all fuck up, they r n0t w0rth 2 call 0r lead this 0ur NAIJA,n0 sign 0f gud leadership in them. @ fatika n samdave ur all talkin bull shit,don’t u av eyes,0r u av eyes bt u can n0t c,u av brain bt u can nt reas0n well.

  14. Madness! No,but truthtfulness.A change of attitude or a rain of curses.We ve prayed 4 them,but they are bent on self-destruction because they get more & more filled with greed & selfisness.God was not deaf to d groaning of d jews in Egypt,I believe He is hearin our groaning & will set us free.Why they are feeding fat,a child on d street of d north cannot b sure of a decent meal a day,d suffering pple of d south-south are groaning because their lands are destroyed by oil pollution.Have u gone thru d list of those arraigned for d payment of oil subsidy-their sons,sons of greedy leaders. Are u not afraid they are passing d greed to their generatiion? My brother since u cannot throw bombs like d boko harams,then ask God to curse them to extinction.

  15. Senator David is a Ruler not a leader after all he was an army general who rules by decree nd that is the system now. No electricity nd higher bills are been imposed on the masses, Can we wake up nd declare no light no pay? This Idiot Mark has been in the Senate for more than 12yrs now nd nothing to show for it in Idoma Land. The road from Otukpa in Benue to Otukpo where Mark lives no longer exist. What has Marked brought to Idoma land despite all these yrs? The ans is NOTHING. I pity him andd his generations. Very soon another Abacha will come nd chase him to exile. Idiot frog


  17. Most of us failed to get David’s message but chose to digest what d writer wants us to eat…

    From what I CAN READ from this piece he just said let’s be positive and the reporter just proved him right by the caption he used.
    I do believe in criticism but a constructive one. I believe we abuse the social media and display our ignoble idiocy at its best. Swearing at someone only shows d most glaring characteristics of a lower or sub human. We can still pass our message without swearing at persons.

  18. He who wants to sleep on the wet ground should first pour water on the ground. Whatever you do speaks for you. David Mark, are you a kid who does not know what is happening in the country? Have you forgotten carrot and stick approach? Does Nigeria’s rulers or political monsters and blood feeders like you, Jonathan and others deserve anything than insults? Don’t ever call yourself a leader, you are not, either you like it or not. Human beings, spirits, heavenly bodies and the creator of all that exist will continue to curse and badly swear for you until the rotten tooth is pull off from the mouth. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries! Amen.

  19. Thank u my pple for providing Nigerians with more information about our dear honourless senate president.If d road to his town is non-existence,if he has done nothing appreciable for Idomaland,if he believed telephone is not for d people,if we ve not seen Mrs.Mark in any function(if there is any),we should expect less from him in terms of leadership,family values and community affliation.Gen.Mark we deserve an apology from u for captaining a rudderless ship called d senate,for fooling Nigerians that u are a demncrat but a cheat & and a pretender.Do u pay electricity bills.July PHCN bills show a hundred % increase and power supply is still epileptic.I don’t want to believe our leaders are trying to replenish d depleted treasury.GOD PLS SAVE NIGERIA.

  20. He earns more than American president and work less than an avg nigerian civil servant and yet all he cares about, is not the welfarism of the citizens, nor the good governance is charged to deliver, no, this fat pig is concerned about social media, an avenue an avg Joe in this country has, to voice his discontent about the thieving, roguish behaviours of this robbers in government. He’s an idiot who deserved to be shot by firing squad. If he doesn’t like what social media says about them he should resigns, simple.

  21. Mr Mark should even be ashamed of himself together with his co-pigs called Leaders. Why won’t the masses talk their minds on media? We are in democracy and the hearts of the people must be felt through media. If he were not happy for the truth people publicize about the so called leaders, let them repent and recieve praise instead of insult. Let them stop stealing our money and rather use the wealth God has given the nation to develop it.

  22. Mr Mark should even be ashamed of himself together with his co-pigs called Leaders. Why won’t the masses talk their minds on media? We are in democracy and the hearts of the people must be felt through media. If he were not happy for the truth people publicize about the so called leaders, let them repent and recieve praise instead of insult. Let them stop stealing our money and rather use the wealth God has given the nation to develop it.

  23. hahahaha, tell us the insult impact, you guyz are having dog ears,you dont even fill the insult if nt you will nt be making such useless Statement,are you nt in the present world?insted you try n see we’ve our own Social Media here is the caword saying now on the seat n Position, make it into law so that we cant use such media again!you once said the Phone is made for theft like you…!am, my Father is not as hopeless as Mark,Mark Steal, Mark fight,Mark cheats…..Tell Mark n co to stop eating our Flesh and Stop misusing our fund n resources so as we stop the insult.Infact many words to say……..But never theless be warn Mark and your Son Sam….!Twitter…..Facebook….NBF….. myspace…..Nimbuzz……

  24. fuck d president,fuck david mark,fuck d whole government.we must speak our mind and nufin will happen.if u fink dat u kan do anyfin 2 us,den u r dreamin.b4 u start blockn facebook and twiter,1st respond 2 d pples nid abt boko haram den we can listen 2 any god damn stuff u and ur thieves ve 2 say.Fuck d government of nigeria.witout u guy,we ll live comfortably and happy.u and d entire generation of d government ll suffer 4 d rest of ur lives till u repent of ur evil deeds.Fuck u guys

  25. if possible to be recruited as one of the boko haram,with the aim of destroying people like david mark,i will happily join the group.pls boko haram,change your motive for bombing(from religious motive to “DESTROYING THE BAD EGGS”) and see if you will not gain support from the masses.people like you would not like good things for this great country nigeria.if you lack understanding of this present world concerning its development,seek for wisdom from those who knows.may God bless the good people of nigeria and punish all the bad leaders like you.

  26. The truth of the matter is this, the so called Nigerian leaders haven’t seen anything yet. The helpless masses have been pushed too far to the wall. I have always say it. A hungry man is an angry man. The so called Nigerian government do not in any form have the interest of the poor at its heart at all. They are even complaining about insults. I thought they are all shameless he goats? Why are they complaining about the insults? How can u be a leader and u don’t even care about the masses for their fundamental needs? More especially, 3 fundamental basic needs of a man. (1) food. (2) shelter. (3) clothing. How do u so called leaders espects the masses to feel since u all do not even once in a year remember the people dat put u into power? People are perishing every blessed day in this country due to the activities of our evil government. They have not come to solve our problems. Rather, they have come to increase our suffering, electricity tariff, the fuel pomp price, school feels, taxes. They are tailored to make the masses sorrowful due to what they worships and pay homage to. Don’t worry. Very soon all these wicked-selfish- evil rulers wuld be wiped out either by bombing or any means at all. Unless they themselves changed their attitudes, they will have it so hot in this country. It’s better for a man to die for something dan to live for nothing.

  27. Mr David Mark should rather rule the country the way a good leader does instead of wanting to close people’s mouth. Is he not the president of the senate that collects a sky rocketed salary and God knows what many other looting benefits endowed to them by themselves. I wish that some one like Rawlings will come up one day in Nigeria. All of them and their families will see what their miserable end will look like. Imagine, everyone of them is just the same.