Suspended Private Varsities Shocked, Embarrassed

The National Universities Commission had on Wednesday announced the suspension of the operational licences of  Lead City, Caritas, Joseph Ayo Babalola, Tansian, Madonna, Achievers and Obong universities.

Reports say the suspension was due to their non-compliance with the regulations guiding the operations of universities in the country as stipulated by the NUC.

The authorities of some of the suspended universities of the have reacted to the NUC’s unexpected move by saying that they are shocked, disappointed and embarrassed, claiming the National Universities Commission neither informed them of any form of  wrongdoing, nor sent notice before announcing the decision.

The tertiary institutions also added that they first learnt of their suspension  in the News.

“The point is that it is a big surprise to us.  The university is not being mismanaged by anybody. Our transcripts and certificates are issued promptly. Everybody knows that issuance of transcript is based on request and that is what we have been doing. We also release our results promptly.

“We do not have any unapproved course and all our programmes are duly accredited by the NUC. As at today, all our programmes are approved. We operate from three campuses and all the campuses are conducive for learning, so the whole announcement is a big embarrassment to us.’’ Madonna University’s Registrar, Mr. Theophilus Ugwoke, told Punch.

He said the university would find out what it had done wrong from the NUC before taking any decision on the issue. “We want to find out  where we went wrong, until we clear from them, we won’t take any decision,’’ he added.

Also, the Director of Communication, Lead City University, Dr. Ayo Owolabi, said the NUC did not inform the institution of any wrongdoing.

He said the action of the regulatory body was also in contempt of the court as an earlier judgment obtained by the institution against the NUC had ordered it not to interrupt the activities of the university.

He  alleged that the action of the NUC was calculated to embarrass the university and “de-market” the institution.  He accused the NUC leadership of bias against the institution.

Noting that the university would make its views known to the public, he said the university had not erred in any way and would continue to carry on with its activities despite the suspension order.

Owolabi however, said the NUC action was capable of discouraging investors in the higher education sector.

He advised that there should be a division between regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies to prevent accreditation exercises from being compromised.

The Registrar, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Mr. Wale Aderibigbe, assured that the suspension order by the NUC would soon be reversed.

In a telephone interview on Thursday, Aderibigbe said, “We are in Abuja already. We are on top of the situation. We hope that by tomorrow, our license shall be restored.”

Asked what could have led to the suspension of license, Aderibigbe hinted that it could be the part-time programmes run by the school.

The management of Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State, said there was no cause for alarm.

The Public Relations Officer of the university, Mr. Chidi-Peters Okorie, told one of our correspondents on Thursday that contrary to the story going the round, the licence of the school was not withdrawn, but suspended.

He said, “It is like the accreditation of courses. From time to time, the NUC comes around to set standards and check if you are meeting the standards.”

Meanwhile, management and staff of Caritas University in Enugu State on Thursday stopped its students from protesting against the suspension of the institution’s licence by the NUC.



  1. Don’t mind what our stupid registrar is saying!!! Am a Madonna student and I won’t Lie! NUC is right! Madonna knows what they are doing! They treat us like shit! We virtually beg 2 leave d skool cos they imprison us! 4 d past 2 weeks now I haven’t gone out 2 withdraw money, av been brought down 2 beggin!!! Our structures are useless! Yet we pay huge sums of money! Lecturers that fail students are paid more than lecturers that pass students! Dats a fact! Am a 300lvl student, I can’t say my name becos am scared of expulsion! NUC, Nigeria and d whole world should hear our plea and help us! We are being exploited!!! My heart is filled with grief right now..God help us. Thank U.

  2. I agree wit NUC esp as regards Madonna…I know 2 graduates frm that school that can not defend the 2.1 they came out wit…And they go about sayin they finishd wit a 2.1

  3. The fact is that our private higher institution of learning is not better than a business centre. Govt should try and put things in order in our public higher institution learning for qualitative education.

  4. We do church activities here more than academic activities! That’s anoda fact! Fr Edeh lies a lot about many things. I wish NUC could come and take pictures of ma campus in Okija and post i† online, I swer, u all would b disappointed. In ma room in hostel, we are 8 in number! Imagine dat! Our toilet is filthy, d whole hostel smells! If I kip on writing d wrongs in madonna, dis whole website would crash! Security men (not police officers, ordinary civilians on blue and black) exploit students! If ur blackberry is seized, we bribe dem with huge sums of money (2000naira and above) to get our fones back! Injustice happens here everyday, yet d whole world is silent…God help us. I wish this my posts could go round d web so pple can know wats happening

  5. Initially i didn’t understand the reason why Prof. Okojie decided to suspend some universities, though, i read on the news that tertiary institutions running part-time be suspended. Just like that so that made the meaning to me. However, if the idea of the suspension is to check-mate sub-standard and lack of infrastructures, then let it be bcos most of these private universities make much money for whatever developmental purpose. From the testimonies of most undergraduates in those universities a lot of them should even be summarily closed down.

  6. MR Theophilus Ugwoke or Registrar, whateva he calls himself should shut his stinking lying mouth. I graduated from dat kiosk called school. This knock on Madonna’s head has been long anticipated;although its not hard enough cos I anticipated a permanent withdrawal. Students in MAU leaves like Pigs. Our hostels are toilets cos I don’t see so much difference between it and a toilet. Quack lecturers; quack bankers;quack Registrar; empty-headed lecturers. I intend doing my masters abroad but I don’t knw who to write recommendation letters for me cos many of them are just HND or holders parading themselves as Professors. One of my lecturers graduated third class from India…Mr Pascal Ojimadu by name. His textbook is like a leaflet of poem so empty and plagiarized. They give us their univeristy dayz note. No research; no new inventions. On my defense day; they couldn’t ask me anythin cos they don’t understand elementary Econometrics I used. Yet they churn out graduates who are empty headed. Madonna and Caritas should have their license withdrawn indefinitely. Fr. Edeh and his Rev Srs lie to us; and forcefully take our moni. He exploits the students;yet portray them to the world as less priviledged pple while parading himself as a philanthropist for his vain glory. Useless university.

  7. Abeg why dem no delete crawford join.. Am a graduate of that preparatory school dey call a uni.. Na pipes full there .. na with blood me and all ma hommies use comot for there… Any ways I feel that private universities are just established to rip off parents who work their ass to send their kids to good skools only for the skools to truncate their efforts by producing a bunch of nincompops…

  8. Sadboi is right, all d textbooks we use in skool is substandard! In my dept. (Economics) we don’t have any professor! Our H.O.D is a fucking BSc holder! And so i† is in other departments too.

  9. Information Nigeria,do these comments go out to anywhere at all. Can u hear what d aggrieved students are saying about d schools: madonna and Caritas? Why not fromm time to time publish some of these comments and let d world know our predicaments. Why wld madonna treat students that way? I bel them bec my neighbours daughter has bn saying she wants to leave d school,but I was thinking she was just complaining. To show how authentic it is u c they even mentioned names. NUC must do something about that Madonna. No favouritisms please. NUC go in and investigate,and ps don’t inform them of ur visit so that they don’t window dress. Stand up to ur duties

  10. Very right…i dunno about the suspended schools anyways, but i strongly feel that four-fifths of private universities here in Nigeria are sub-standard….churning out lots of 2’1 materials year in year out who embarrassingly, in some cases don’t even know the basic things about their courses of study….i’ve seen some past questions of some of there universities…if my school set up such questions for exams here, we’d have lots and lots of first class students in my department, statistics….and about part-time programmes, i don’t think that’s the problem cos my school, University of Uyo runs lots of them…i know about University of Calabar’s too, so running part-time programmes i think is not the problem NUC has got with them

  11. That is why we urge you students to come study in Ghana! Studying in Ghana comes with a lot of advantages and benefits, you certificate will be more recognized than the Nigerian ones, there is nothing like strike action, no problems from the lecturers I.e, what you write in your exams is what you get, and you even can travel out to the UK and US for summer vacation, job and short summer courses with the aid of the school. Contact FAIRLAWN STUDY AGENCY for more inquiries: [email protected] or call: +233549559062, +233234157880

  12. am a 200level student frm joseph ayo babalola university…. Infact my school is d most useles university in nigeria…. It a dzgrace 2all nigeria university…despite our huge amount of tuition fees, We live like a slave, busy evrywhere, insect bit us like shit, na wa o o o o, C A C university is very useles, no good food, no good structure, no good road, nothing is good abt d skul infact NUC dey crazy because i no knw why dem go dey accredit dat kind of poultry. . . . . Na wa o o

  13. @Human being u re a very stupid boy or girl or what ever u re…who told u that madonna student cant defend their 2.1… u just come here and open your dustbin then start writing non sense here…for your information a 2.1 student in madonna is a first class student any were…. metcheeeew,,,,,,,

  14. THANKS TO GOD 4 SAVING ME O.I WAZ GIVEN ADMISSION TO STUDY MEDICINE IN MADONNA MY JAMB SCORE WAZ 269.AFTER THe interview,we were given prospectus.d skul fees is abt #255000 for 100lvl.when i wanted to pay my friend in 200lvl said it wil increase to #500,000 by next year.i later deferred the admission bcos no good xplanation was given to me on that.infact the school is substandard in all ramification b it hostels,rules,lecturers e.t.c.had it been i accepted to dash them those money by now my name would b mr sorow.i haven’t schoold there but my own frnd waz expelled after spending two yrs without compensatn.should i talk of their services?to photostat 1 paper in madonna u have to be in queue for d whole day likewise dues payment.dats very bad men.thanks to God 4 saving me cos i wasnt hapy wit my parents when they didnt pay d fees.i can go and rejoic o.

  15. All u guys criticising private universities are all fools, and all those saying dat private universities graduates are half baked graduate n are graduating too many first class n 2.1, i dont blame u guys bcos i knw u all graduated wit pass n third class from ur various state n federal universities where u have too many prof dat dont lecture, all dey do is to monitise courses, does cultism and flexin allow u guys study in those federal n state universities where ur so called Prof and Dr are not productive due to lack of supervision. i studied like crazy to graduate wit a 2.1 from madonna university, i went to uk to do my masters n graduate wit a distinction due to the good foundation from madonna university.

  16. all the above descriptions of madonna university applies to caritas university, sometimes i wonder if rev. fr. are supposed to lie but i dont know wat to believe , i never knew nigeria could be so organized to fish out these schools………good job nuc ……. i hope transcripts can given to the students to leave the school

  17. It’s a pity.I wan to use dis medium to announce to all who wish to study abroad that admission is currently going on in ghanaian universities.interested candidates should contact;;sm[email protected]


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