Top Laogs Owner Shames Broke Big Boys

Louise Priddy, formerly with Bacchus Night club, Lagos, has threatened to publicly disgrace some Lagos ‘big boys’ owning her some amount of money. Priddy, who now runs Posh Cafe located in Victoria Island, Lagos, made this stern warning on her Facebook page some hours ago.

While at Bacchus Night club, Priddy successfully ran the hangout spot. It was no surprise to many when she left the club to establish hers, Posh Cafe. But she might not be finding it funny anymore as she claims some Lagos ‘big boys’ are owning her.

According to her, “I am telling all you big boys out there, who owe me money, but go to other clubs to spend until you
get bounced from there, and then you move on, it is ENOUGH. Instead of clubbing, why don’t you get a job? It’s time to name and shame [you] with pictures [of] who owes me. Get readyyyyyy, MONDAY.”

It is no doubt that Priddy is bitter about this, but many would be keen in seeing names and pictures of her debtors released by her. Will she go ahead with her threat if nothing meaningful happens before Monday? Fingers crossed.