You will not last till 2015 –Pastor Warns Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has been called upon by the Convener of the Save Nigeria Group. Pastor Tunde Bakare, has called on him  to heed the voice of wisdom and resign now, before the House of Representatives carries out its threat to impeach him over alleged selective implementation of the 2012 budget.

He predicted that there would be no general election in 2015, adding that election would hold before then or sooner. Pastor Bakare said this on Sunday in Lagos, in a state of the nation address, entitled: “How To Change Government Peacefully And Make Society Better,” at Latter Rain Assembly, Ikeja.

He said: “If I were Mr. President, unfortunately, I am not, and I do not envy his tottering position, but, if I were him, I would give no thought to what the world might say of me, or the drum the hangers-on and political jobbers benefiting from the present chaotic disorder might be beating.

“I would not give a damn if I could only transmit to posterity the reputation of an honest man thrust into the boxing ring to fight enemies I am ill-equipped to fight, and I would, therefore, resign before I receive a death blow.”


  1. This prophet of doom, did you not read in your Bible that you should pray for those in authority? You are soooooo shameless, i wonder what kind of christians you are breeding, loveless christians i guess. What kind of assembly is that. You hypocrite

  2. Please lets not insult the pastor, by the way hes still a man of God.Lets just pray that all the plans of the enemies of this government will be exposed. I wish Nigeria well and i pray for wisdom for the president and his entire cabinet.

  3. OGA pastor! whoever paid u to broadcast such Gimics is mad.I think u’re intrested in politics Y nt quit ur pastoreth job.You’re nt even sure of ur profecy luk @ d way u’re twisting words You’re a bias pastor if u want to start to prophesy go and learn frm T.B Joshua

  4. I strongly think this pastor doesn’t stand as a good representation of christainity. He needs to search the scriptures properly and stop this absolute disrespect of Mr. President. He also needs to be searched as a boko haram peddler!

  5. The current situation calls for actions and reactions. Whatever happens to Mr. President cannot be more than what has happened to other people. A serious matter cannot be more than death. The latter isn’t unusual ! Don’t blame anyone. We ‘re all capable of predicting, following the trend of things in the country. Let’s wake up from our slumber. Let actions and reactions rule the country.

  6. This man Tunde Bakare of later rain assembly or is it CPC assembly.A political pastor,didn’t he see vision that he never be president or vice president in this country.why are all these political clergies eyeing power should be careful and mindful of there words. Unlike a man of God instead of praying for the nation he there causing more havoc to the polity.

  7. Haaa man of GOD u dy envy Goodluck Jonathan ar u a tru man of GOD by sayin dis is rediculous. Instead of u tu Pray 4 Nigeria ur here sayn Mr President u wl nt last til 2015 ur nt a true man of GOD. He shuld resign 4 u u must b a hungry Pastor.

  8. Bakere,you are a fool and must die in foolishness.Bakere must run mad if Jonathan eventually been inpeached.
    Badkere mind u dat that seat is not melt for u or buhari.If u happens to be at dat seat,know that is ur dead body dat happens to be taken there.
    Badkere,u are a big fool and will die in foolishness since ur bible told u to insolt d presidency and go for politics.Remember saul,die a mysterious death,so shall u also die.Idiot.

  9. Tunde bakare or fake pastor bakare,I can see that ur a true devil incarnate for you to open your dirty mouth & speak in public to a constituted authority like the no one man of the country president Jonathan.I can see ur time is up brcos ur like a pregnant viper,once it delivers it dies.Wether you like it or nut Jonathan will surely contest 2015 elections & will not die before then becos ur a fake prophet. Dominic from PH.

  10. thank God dat we all no him as man of God. bible said in de book of {Deuternomy 18 v 21 to 22} if a prophet spks in de name of lord and what he says does not come true den it is not the God message. Is on his own. But all i no is dat Good luck will complet his eight year in office as president of F R nigeria

  11. Bakare hs bn a failure 4 long. All his prophecies faild during d tym of ‘baba‘. Even said baba ll die b4 2003 democrcy day. He hs d right 2 criticsd d govnmnt bt nt 2 condemn it worse stil frm d altar. GEJ remain focus & go 2 men of God like baba Adeboye dat cn tel u d trut bt nt condmn u. I c u stil bcmng d presido cm 2015. God blz u! God blz Naija!!

  12. Unh, this looks far more than playing politics. Pastor Tunde Bakare is carry something strange that many do not know. Why is he not arrested? Why has the Government not provided answers to his numerous questions on the fight against corruption and for social justice? why did the president want to bribe/buying him over? Do you know that Pastor Bakare has spoken about the confession of a converted Boko Haram man that linked Pastor Bakare to the sect? The word will either be a “curse” on him if he is a sponsor of the sect or on those who speak/write on what they do not know. If Pastor Bakare is a prophet of God or not, it is a question of time. Listen to some of his messages on rather than what reading story about the messages and you will have many facts/points to either pray for him or to crucify him. May Nigeria know peace, may her people know God. God bless those who wish Nigeria well and judge those who plunder us.

  13. why we nigerians are beating around d brush, we dont wnt d truth, bakare is saying d facts and d truth. What are we benefitting frm dis govt, if nt boko haram, hardship, bombs, everywhere, killing of innocent lives evryday. Mr bakare u wnt d best 4 us, gud luck.

  14. There is a proverb wc proceeding 4rm our elder,says d nigiht will soon be brake 2times.tattered cloth man dat is dancing in d midnight.pastor bakare fuck himself up by involving in politics jesus introduced 2 dis and he ran away.he dined with unbeliever.dats what make u people jest of him.but listen what God sent him to deliever 2 us.

  15. I used to respect dis pastor,bt as it is nw i dnt tink der’s room for dat again,why nt pray for d president as an odain man of God. may i ask u dis qustn,(Are we still brethren?).is d spirit of God dat lead u to say wat u said or is bcos of ur political selfishness.May i ask,did God cald into politice or to come & spread his word & save his children. Fellow Nigerians i tink Pastor Tunde Bakare need to explain to d SSS wat he meant by dat statement.

  16. Please forget about whether someone is a politician or not, Pastor Tunde Bakare, by the help of God has been predicting even be4 this political era, is a fearless man of God, the fact that other men of God are not saying anything does not mean that they agree with what is happening in the country, I want to believe everyone has area of his/her calling. Read thro’ the story of King Ahab and the man of God who loved to speak the truth and how the King ended his life. I want us to remember, the time our president was denied of his constitutional right, this same Pst T was among those God used, even when some of the national assembly members were not willing to do the right thing. Is it not a thing of shame that countries that are not up to Nigeria by any standard look more organised than our great country. We are here none of our refineries, is working at a reasonable capacity, and Niger has just built one and we are defending what is false. I believe who ever is aspiring to be a leader must have considered what it takes to be a good one.

  17. all of una wey done dey pray since 1960 or abi na since 1999, where the prayer done reach. prayer without actions can get you anywhere. continue praying while you grow old in penury and poverty. take your destiny in your hands, i need nit give you examples, fools. think

  18. Am not surprise at peoples’ reactions to the pastors prediction because true prophesy is not always palatable especially to those who are not in spirit. But do not forget that he is still the same pastor that fought for GEJ when he was almost denied the presidency.
    Most Nigerians are too nepotistic in the issue of politics and once their person is at the helm of affair, whether he/she is performing or not, it does not matter to them. How long can we continue to pretend that all is well when actually, the reverse is the case. Nothing is functioning in this country; people are dieing in hundreds every day. No light, No road, high rate of unemployment and inflation while we have a government that is busy pursuing shadow. You guys should wake up from your deep slumber and know that his message comes from God

  19. Cresent or wt eva u said ur nam is, u r stupied. D bible says respect dos in authority nd pary 4 dem. Tunde bakare, am so so disappointd in u. May God help u. U r fightin 4 power as if wen u get der u can be able 2 rule. Y dn’t u com out 4rm ur own party???? Wt dos u bible says, hw wuld u stup so low 2 be d vp of a muslim? Dn’t dt dn’t hav sam believ wit u? Wt r u even preachin in dt ur church self. If i waz ur member i wuld hav left cos u r very very confused. U knw nigerians wil neva vote u, so u r comin 4rm d angle of boko haramlism, may God help nd hav mercy on u IJN.

  20. It’s quite disappointing dat we Nigerians are still very stupid and naive in our thinking and ways of our reasoning. Just Like how people are commenting about this serious matter. Are u guys so unreasonable to know dat Nigerian government is the most insincere institutions in the entire globe? How do u think God will be happy wit those set of people whom their activities are tailored to make the poor masses sorrowful? How close do u think God can be wit corrupt individuals? How much lives do u think have been lost through the government’s insincere activities. Does the government of Nigerian ever knew dat some of u peopl exists? I’m the number one supporter of Goodluck Jonathan wen he waz coming out for a election. But unfortunately, the man is an opposit of wat he appears to be. I’m even the first to predict his disgrace in office due to the type of economic policies he pursues. Is he waiting for all the poor masses to die of hunger in and starvations in this country before he acts as he promised? This is the most clumsy government I had witnessed in this country.

  21. Is God speaking to any of us than Bakare. Can any body just say ‘thus says the Lord’ on this matter or on the other concerning this country? It is a sin to say God said when he had not spoken. Be in the spirit and write your own prophesy .

  22. Precious, you reactions shows that you are neither a christian nor understand the bible you claim to be quoting. if you are a christian, you can never call me stupid and if you understand the bible, you could have known that it is the duty prophets of God to call derailing kings/presidents to order.
    Read 2 king 1 vs 1-18

  23. Crescent, you are a good christian for not to have retaliated the unwised and unguarded comment made by precious. Was a pharoal not a king in the authority of egypt when God sent moses to him to call him to order? Is jonathan’s administration not worse than pharoal’s? What are we talking about? Quoting bible we don’t know. Jonathan has nothing to offer than to ruin Nigeria’s economy to less than zero digit. Everything about his administration is engrossed with unbearable corruption and anarchy. The earlier Nigerians know that nothing like boko haram but jonathan distraction not to render services he promised, then better to correct jonathan’s insurgency to ruin Nigeria down. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her poor citizenries! Amen.

  24. It’s sad to see how Nigerians have been
    brainwashed! Yes, Brainwashed, i was on the
    net just a few hours ago and was shocked
    how nigerians were insulting pastor Tunde
    Bakare, just because, unlike most so called
    men of God, he decided to speak the truth
    that God has given to him.
    I heard people that will boldly call themselfs
    christians using such absurd words without
    remorse. It’s a pitty that we fail to realise that
    he is for change and not against it, paherps,
    this dogmatisim on the part of nigerians is
    due to the fact that we have been mad to
    belive a false image of being a christian.
    Being a christian does not mean going to
    church and paying huge sums of money to
    so-called men of God who are actually men of
    men. Being a christian is all about
    righteousness and truth. Most of this
    criminals that call themselfs leaders today
    attend this “big” churches and yet no one has
    asked “why isn’t the pastor saying NO to
    well someone is saying NO and his name is
    Pastor TUNDE BAKARE! And i’m also saying

  25. I hate pple who pretend 2 knw d word of God and yet do nt practice it, the gvt may nt be meeting d demands of her citizens but for a pastor may be a python to declare that a president of his country will die, did the bible says in Rom 13:1-2 “obey the government , for God is one who put it there. All govts have been placed in power by God” pls under line ALL GOVERNMENT. V2 “So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land ARE REFUSING TO OBEY GOD, AND PUNISHMENT WILL FOLLOW” (NLT) how abt this mr pastor bakare, or u ve nt read this portion of the Bible? any way i nor blame u na as u see Jonathan, y u nor come smart for bros Abacha time, if na me be uncle Joe after reading this portion of the bible d flog wey i for give u ehn u nor go forget me,. lolz

  26. Tunde bakare or whtever u call urself, shame to u nd to those who belongs to u in the name of Christianity, am soo sory for some ppl that following rong way, shame to pastor bakare, the money u realising with offering thyit nd others is nt anuff, onless u be come ahead of nation been a pastor u ar , it will not work for u, pray till u die that almighty god will not allow such weeked prayer to be fulfil, if u r reel man of god u woulding been said that stupid talk, that our excellence will resign, if i were Mr president the excellance this is anuff to send that man tunde bakare out of Nigeria, bcs taking this stupid talk lightly is a very big problem, next time he will say more stupid than that, our ppl is anuff to pray our nation out for any problem we ar into, we called our self the giant of Africa, that was then not now, look at other countries that not upto 10million population without any recusess nd they ar Copen, our nation problem is not today it was long time ago, this is my 34yrs old in this very country no good news, nd u r there confusing ppls claiming to be A man of god, let me tell u tunde bakare any bad prayer u said to our excellence Mr president, that the prayer will surely come back to u tunde bakare, not pastor a political pastor. I greet u all my ppls

  27. D question now is does God put all leaders there or some of them put themselves? Let’s not confused ourselves. In d Bible days, leaders ( kings) were anointed by prophets directed by God. No one killed, fought or lobbied to become one and I’m sure dat’s why d Bible says God puts leaders there. Hope some of u who condemn Pastor Bakare still remember d person dat lobbied for leadership position in d Bible and his bad end. Or are u sayin God sent Johnathan to punish us? Remember He (GOD) maketh rich and added no sorrow, but we’re witnesses today how innumerable families are in tears bcos of ds govt inefficiency or harsh economic policies. God bless Nigeria!

  28. many of us should be careful on how we response to issues expecially when it concernes GOD and His chosen if God has not spoken to u on any issue y condem or justify. u call man of GOD fool without proper knowledge of the truth assuming his right what’ll be ur standing with GOD.better hold ur peace and pray and watch things play the way his statement doesn’t really mean death but euphemistic. read it again

  29. Any pastor that will not follow the example of Jesus christ has not yet visit calvary, let alone calling such a pastor. After all, we have righteous and holy men of God who ruled America in the past. My question is ”is this how they rule and became an example today?”

  30. Partor Bakare ‘that. Is mans. Plan with u. And. Army peole.What. GOD. ALMiGHTY. Said to. Jonathan. Is. That. He. Should. Be. Wear. Of northan. Soldiers,as some. Powerful. Politicain. Are. Planing. To. Remove. Him just. To. Protect. Their. Investments. All. Over. nigeria.But. i GOD Said. if. They. Musa takes. Over. Nija. Via. Gun”Nija. Must. Disinteragrets.They. sodiers. Are. Watchi. Anambaras. Guba. Electioñ.But. if. New. Ppp. Joins. Apc.They. will. Win. Jonathan and. D. Old PDP.Then. Ibos. And. Yorubas. In Rivers. And. Baysar. Stàtes. Will. Be. Harrassed. But. D. The. APC PRESIDENT will wade. Power. To. Stop. Unlawfullnes tx.