“Goldie Is Not Picking My Calls” – Prezzo

After Goldie returned from the BBA stargame and found out she had been played by the proud game player Prezzo, she obviously locked up every feeling she had displayed in the Big Brother house where she was almost converted to Prezzo’s little messenger. Post BBA, after Prezzo had laid his hands on partially what he had played the lady for, the Kenyan star decided Nigeria was the place to start his Ambassador work, obviously because of Goldie. Sadly Goldie, who had claimed to be done with the swindler, refused to connect with him; that obviously got to Prezzo and stimulated him to make some more public and drastic moves.

In a press conference in Nigeria, Prezzo claimed, “I just want to use the media to reach Goldie and tell her to pick my calls that is why I called for a press conference”.

To hide face, he said that that the two met and will take things slowly. Goldie who has been receiving a lot of negative reviews on Prezzo by her twitter fans, suggested that the two might collabo.