May D’s Official You Tube Account Deleted

It’s no more news that ‘ile ijo’ singer May D is no longer on the payroll of Square Records, the label that brought him to limelight and which he once referred to as home until his recent unceremonious exit. What is news however is that the singer’s official YouTube page has also been deleted.

When The Going Was Good

The channel managed by internet video streaming service providers Iroko Partners, was deleted some few days ago along with his videos – ‘Soundtrack’ and ‘Ile Ijo’. Other streams that were taken off together with the page include still images of the above mentioned songs.
Square Records’ Youtube accounts are also managed by Iroko Partners. It is however unclear on whose instruction the said account was deleted – Square Records, Iroko or even May D himself.
The singer’s songs are however still available on Iroko music

Question that begs for answer’s whodunnit? And why are all the parties involved in the whole saga keeping quiet? Maybe it is nothing afterall.