Oprah is still world’s highest paid celebrity, even 1yr after ending talk show.See the top ten

Oprah Winfrey still maintains her stand as the world’s highest paid celebrity, even one year after ending that world class show that shook the world.  According to Forbes, from June 2011 to June 2012, she earned $165 million , which is actually a massive fall from the $290 million she made in 2010. For the fourth consecutive time she is the highest payed celebrity. Others are…
No. 2 is Transformers director Michael Bay – $160 million
No. 3 is Steven Spielberg – $130 million
No. 4 is Pirates of the Caribbean director Jerry Bruckheimer – $115 million
And 5, incredibly is rapper turned headphone mogul Dr Dre – $110 million.
6. Tyler Perry, Actor and producer: $105 million
7. Howard Stern, Radio and TV personality: $95 million
8. James Patterson, Author: $94 million
9. George Lucas, Movie producer: $90 million
10. Simon Cowell,  Producer and TV personality:  $90 million