Photo: Kanye West Talks About Sleeping with Kim Kardashain

In what we could refer to as Kanye West’s 3seconds of madness, he took to his twitter and talks about sleeping with his girlfriend. The big question is WHAT WAS HE THINKING? The said tweet wasn’t found on his timeline again just a few seconds after it was tweeted, and that draws us to the conclusion he was able to correct himself even though it was too late for such a social network.


  1. It is obvious that he is still immature,who does that? To me,I feel they are both birds of a feather, cos Kim being a Gold digger, using celebrities to climb to the top, making herself and family popular(started out being friends with paris hilton,dating Reggie, sleeping with Ray jay, getting married to Kris and after 72days,discovers she made a mistake after toying with the poor boy’s emotion) sees Kanye as the perfect tool to climb the social ladder, rubbing shoulders with Beyonce! #justsaying#


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