Photo: Murtala Muhammed airport gets tagged at La Guardia Airport in New York

We have been hearing and accepting so many news and reports about our own country and truly we have been swallowing like a toddler being fed a bitter herb. This is another bitter herb and the question is are we really going to swallow this? This message about our own airport was seen at the La Guardia Airport in NYC. Check out those words…


  1. what do you want nigerians or the FG to do? If murt.mohd. Int’l airport lagos doesn’t match there standards,they had to make their customers protected. They are actualy doin the right thing, or do u think the airport is in good shape? I dnt only think so,i know so.

  2. every etnik group was walowin in sentiment of born tu rule nd d nort was favord 4 foty years not mindin dat they hav notin tu ofer oda dan poverty misrule nd lootin, u wil be surprise tu hea dat 90% of norteners ar puor nd uneducatd despite their tite fist on dictatoship 4 years. Shame tu nigeria 4 u ar wortles home nd abroad

  3. @Mark Nigerians should learn to accept the realities of life. No Nigerian airport is of International standard #FACT! Developed nations put safety ahead of profit and so don’t get upset when you see such signs they’re only warning their esteemed customers unlike Nigeria where no body was warned prior to the Dana air crash. Harold Damuren of NCAA and his crew i believe need a bit of education on airport and airspace management especially as regards security. #Learn to accept criticism.

  4. Of course, certainly true. Or are you saying that the statement is not true, defamatory or otherwise?
    Any objection to the statement portrays the maker as a fool at forty. Yeah…Gentlemen, it is high time we accept the truth to save our lives. Nigeria’s aviation industry is a complete quasi one. No compliance or obedience to international set standard rules for aviation. Shame to Nigeria. We are good at manage this, it will work.
    I thank God today that he saved my life earlier last year I flown with Air Nigeria. Hee, want to hear what happened? I was coming back to Nigeria, as the plane landed trying to run, waooo…see sound while it was trying to control the shooting… break…giving sound like a motor rising saw. If not that the pilot is an experienced one, loss of break could have become the issue of accident! NIGERIA ARISE!!!